Masterklass #23 : A Walk Through A Decade Of House by Borealis


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For this Masterklass 'Borealis' is going back to the nature of sound with a summery-cocktail-vibe 100% vinyl mix, including only tracks made between 1990 and 2000. It includes everything you might need in a good vinyl mix: small, warm cracks and even a skipping needle. The tracks in this masterklass are played in a chronological order to let you fully experience the walk they want you to make through a decade of some forgotten House tracks. Each & every one selected to bring a smile on every listener's face & a warm, nostalgic feeling to their hearts. This mix is a respectful salute to the '90s, a decade which definitely has a special place in the heart of 'Borealis' too.

1990 Black Box - I don’t know anybody else Remixed by Steve Hurey
1990 Magic MCs Featuring Ricky Lyte - The Beat (Jazz instrumental)
1991 S.G.H. - Losing you (Dub Mix)
1991 Cookie Watkins - I’m Attrackted To You (Smoove Edit)
1991 Joey Negro - Do what you feel (Rhythm supply mix)
1992 Keith Thompson - Just Right Underground Dub
1992 Sounds Of Blackness - JOY (MOMO DEF Version)
1993 Natural Instinct - Love is the master (5 Expressions of Dance)
1993 Akilah - Heavy
1993 Firing Squad - LOVIN U’ Shotdown Mix
1995 Ricky Morrison - Bugged Out Booty
1995 Brooklyn Friends - Jungle Drums
1997 The Shutter Bug - Real Deal Party Feel
1998 B.M.R. - Check It Out
1998 The Rooster - There Aint Nothing
1999 DJ Maxhens - Max It Well
2000 Dexter Gordon - Love For You (Rmx by Niko Bellotto & Pawel Kobak)
2000 Mezzoforte - S.O.L. Brazil Mix