Masterklass #2 - Dance Mania by Innershades


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Second in line: Innershades. This Belgian house producer is hitting the scene in fast pace with releases on Wicked Bass, Roze Balletten, Skylax & Chiwax. His Masterklass mixtape is showcasing his love for one label only: the Chicago house label 'Dance Mania'. The raw ghetto house sound of the label, founded in 1985 by Jesse Sounders, is one of the direct inspirations of Innershades' sound of today. Pop Dat Thang!


1. Parris Mitchell - Bitches and Money
2. House Gang - Riv Claps
3. DJ Deeon - 1112
4. Traxmen presents Eric Martin - Hit It From The Back
5. Criminal House - Rythm Talk (Rick's Mix)
6. House Gang - Old School Confusion
7. Skyman - Focus
8. Paul Johnson - Jus Whistle
9. Jammin The House Gerald - Party Hyp (RX)
10. Traxmen - Caution
11. Dat Nigah Tha Shit - Help Me Lord
12. Drewsky - Temper Tantrum
13. Traxmen - Let Me See You Butterfly
14. Parris Mitchell - Ghetto Shout Out!! (feat. Wax Master)