Masterklass #19 - Villa of Dreams


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Ghent based production & DJ duo Villa went for the backstage of its record collection. "When people ask us to do a mixtape that is not dance related, we get instantly excited. As many other DJs we have a big collection only suitable for home listening. We are huge fans of soundscapes, movie soundtracks, dark leftfield stuff and any other dreamy style of music. Selecting tracks for this mix wasn't a hard job, in fact it was harder to make decisions on what music not to add."


1. Battles: Tras 3
2. Boards of Canada: White Cyclosa
3. Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Theme
4. Massive Attack: Everywhen
5. Ultravox: Monument
6. Com Truise: Terminal
7. Mondkopf: Legacy
8. Conrad Schnitzler: Auf dem schwarzen canal
9. Michael Shrieve: Communiqué: Approach Spiral
10. Plastikman: Ethnik
11. Between: Devotion
12. Il Dolceacquino: Kessy
13. Dire Straits: Private Land
14. Battles: Bttls
15. Quiet Village: Pillow Talk
16. Trickski: Slowstens
17. Force Of Nature: Sequencer (Rekids remix)
18. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: Hand Covers Bruise
19. Nine Inch Nails: 13 Ghosts
20. Mark Van Hoen: Real Love
21. M. Bryo: Shift
22. Chromatics: Tick Of The Clock
23. Tangerine Dream: Love On A Real Train
24. Global Communication: 5.23