Masterklass #18: Brainmachines by Tomaz


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Experienced techno and electronica DJ Tomaz takes us back to a forgotten room in clubs: the chill out room. He explains: "These days when you go to a club or party and you need a breather, there’s not always an ideal solution for your need. That used to be different. At any decent party and even in some clubs you’d have a separate room, away from the beats of the big floor: the chill out room. A relaxing zone where you could sit down in comfortable chairs and sofas, have a drink and/or a smoke and float away on the sounds of the chill out DJ. The bigger parties would always look for the best setting, decoration and extra’s. Manicure, massage, cocktail and fruit bars, airbeds, waterbeds, hang mats, you name it. And if they were really classy, you could try a brain machine - a pair of 'glasses' that had flashing lights instead of plain see-through glass. It could take you on the ultimate trip. Turn on, tune in, drop out."


1. John Watermann – Still warm
2. Small Fish With Spine - Dumb in space
3. Scanner – remote
4. Banco De Gaia – Last train to Lhasa (ext ambient mix)
5. TV99AD - Namlub
6. Autechre – Basscadet (seefeel rmx)
7. Edgard Varèse – Poème electronique
8. Biosphere – Mestigoth
9. Muslimgauze – Saladin mercy
10. Scanner – Scent
11. William S Burroughs – Present time exercises
12. Morton Subotnick – Mandolin
13. Biosphere – Cloudwalker II
14. Aphex Twin – Xtal
15. The Black Dog – Raxmus
16. Scanner – Emily