Masterklass #14 - Shoegaze by Locked Groove


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With releases on Hotflush, Turbo and his own Locked Groove Records and dj-sets around the globe in some of the hottest clubs such as Fabric London and Panoramabar Berlin, Locked Groove is one of the rising stars in the international techno and house scene. When we asked the Antwerp based dj and producer to do a Masterklass he immediatly replied one word: “Shoegaze”. Delivering the mix a couple of weeks later he explained it isn't perse shoegaze in the purest form but it's the vibe that matters. The selection includes both old and new tracks, some Belgian stuff such as Pseudocode and some of his favourite tunes of the moment and of all time. Quoting Locked Groove: “So this is me, gazing at my shoes. Enjoy!”

1. Mohamad – Som Sakrifis
2. Mark Pritchard - ?
3. Pseudocode – The Brightness of love and Illusion
4. Peter Schuback – L’ombre négatif de Monsieur Sandomir
5. Slowdive – Rutti
6. Red Stars over Tokyo – Crossing a frozen sea (Extended all night version)
7. GOL & Ghédalia Tazartès – Lyskam
8. Twilight Ritual – Closed Circuit
9. Kaos –Astroiden Melodien
10. Aaron Dilloway/Jason Lascalleet – Burning nest
11. Joy Division – Atmosphere