Masterklass #10 - Oddities, Outtakes, B-Sides & Album Tracks from the '80s by Onda Sonora


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Next up: Onda Sonora, bringing you a mix that showcases their love for the odd-one-out. The Brussels boys love digging just that little deeper, beyond the well-known “classics” or tracks pushed by labels as singles. Combined with a fondness for the experimentalism and non-conformism of certain 1980s music, this results in a big collection of tracks they’ve come to cherish and slip in their sets to spice them up "rather than do it with so-called mediocre exclusives that are usually far more common than these dusted off gems." Enjoy!

Logic – Automatic Collect Automatic Correct – EMI (1981)
Eurythmics – I Did It Just The Same – Virgin (1984)
Landscape – The Doll’s House – RCA (1981)
Brian Eno – David Byrne – Very, Very Hungry (1981)
Walkie Talkies – We Tell No Lies – Rialto (1980)
Blancmange – Business Steps – London (1983)
Sly & Robbie – Move A Little More (1985)
Zazou>Bikaye>CY1 – M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba (Gilles Martin & Marc Hollander Remix) - Crammed Discs (1984)
Praxis – NBS-X – Celluloid (1984)
Ultravox – Alles Klar – Chrysalis (1981)
Telex – Basta - Magic (1986)
The Human League – Circus Of Death – EMI (1978)
Tom Tom Club – Elephant – Island (1981)
E.S.G. – You’re No Good – Popular (1988)
Yazoo – State Farm – Mute (1983)
Swamp Children – Softly Saying Goodbye – Factory Benelux (1982)