Made In Belgium

Six months later: Roshima


Remember the good ol’ days of October 2016? Well, we sure do! This was the month we decided to team up with Lefto and Democrazy for the third time to present you a new class of Belgian talent. A group of six gifted individuals were invited to perform at Kunstencentrum Vooruit to showcase their promising potential. Almost six months later, we wanted to sound out these six creative newcomers about their beginning careers, their experiences so far and their dreams to come. First up: Roshima!

Hi Roshima! What has changed since the Made In Belgium event last October?

"This gig has been a major pleasure and a big opportunity for me to be a part of. It was my first time playing live on a big platform like that, befriending a lot of talented artists and making some great connections in the process."

What has been the most memorable moment in your young career so far?

"To be able to work with some artists I really admire and the realization that people have believed in me since the beginning – you will not be forgotten! Additionally, my first international performance in Germany was a dream come true!"

What do you hope to achieve within, say, 5 years?

"I don’t really know exactly, because every year there are new challenges popping up and new people I meet. So I’ll just see where the wind takes me. Still, my biggest dream is working and traveling around with the Soulection crew, the most inspirable music platform slash radio show slash family I’ve ever seen. That, plus being able to make a living from making music of course!"

What is the best word of advice you ever received?

"Although it really sounds cheesy, my friends and family always told me to keep doing what I like to do. But if you just focus on your own work and try out new angles, you will eventually find your own vibe as a musician. Honestly, I never even thought I would reach this point, but so far I’ve seen a lot of love and smiles on people’s faces – and I’m loving all of it."

If you could collaborate with any artist out there, who would it be and why?

"Out of all my idols, I would go for Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry or Esta. These three great artists are part of the aforementioned Soulection family and one of the main reasons I started producing and DJing."

Any scoops you can give us of what we can expect from you in the near future?

"I promise to release a lot more music in the future! You’ll hear more from me when I finally get my production setup complete. Also, some Roshima merch will be released soon, so stay tuned!"

How to stay in touch with Roshima? Go follow the guy on Facebook and Soundcloud.

*Pictures by Daniil Lavrovski.