Made In Belgium

Made in Belgium - six months later: NO EXP.


Remember the good ol’ days of October 2016? Well, we sure do! This was the month we decided to team up with Lefto and Democrazy for the third time to present you a new class of Belgian talent. A group of six gifted individuals were invited to perform at Kunstencentrum Vooruit to showcase their promising potential. Almost six months later, we wanted to sound out these six creative newcomers about their beginning careers, their experiences so far and their dreams to come. This time, we let NO EXP. do the talking!

Hi Bram! What has changed since the ‘Made In Belgium’ event last October?

"The biggest ‘change’ has to be the extra boost a show like this gives you, a kind of rejuvenation as an MC. It gives you fresh energy to make new music. Recently I started rehearsals with a live-band, including a key-player, a (contra)-bassist and a drummer. We’re planning to add live DJ-ing or MPC-ing to the outfit. The first rehearsals sounded very promising…"

What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

"The first rehearsal with the live band without a doubt. I also did a warm-up set for ‘Ertebrekers’ in Eeklo, which sold out! That was an epic show! The following weekend I had a show in Bruges at Snuffel. I didn’t really expect anything and started with just 30 people present, but at the end the room had filled up completely! The crowd was lively and showed me a lot of love. I also had some cool experiences with my DAMP OORD homeboys lately."

What do you hope to achieve within, let's say, five years?

"I really don’t know - I’m 31 years old and I have a stable life. Really, I just take life day by day. There’s no plan to ‘hunt’ success like a hungry dog chasing a piece of bacon on a thread. I’m cherishing every good show I do and I try to make my songs the best I can - that’s all I can do. In the end I hope my first born, Samuel, will be proud of his rhyme-spitting dad."

What is the best word of advice you ever received?

"Stay humble!"

If you could collaborate with any artist out there, who would it be and why?

"Well, I think because of the dialect I rhyme in (West-Flemish), the options are limited. When you asked me like 6 years ago and I still rapped in English, I would’ve said Nas, Rakim, DJ Premier, Black Milk or Oddissee. To be honest, together with my former band ‘Nuff Said’, I actually already made a small contribution to some music from the latter. Now that I rhyme in my own dialect I did all the featurings I wanted to do in my own region. I worked with Brihang, Ntrek, Jeffrey Jefferson (Ertebrekers) and Flip Kowlier. There are some dope MCs and musicians in my own province left to work with, like Rookwalm, Grafgravers, Jay to the C and more. When it comes to Belgium or Flanders I like the artists under Eigen Makelij, Rauw & Onbesproken. Fatih remains one of my favourite MCs and I also like the work of Tourist LEMC. There’s so much talent around… I’m definitely interested in potential collaborations with other ‘Made In Belgium’ participants like Coely, DVTCH NORRIS, etc."

Any scoops you can give us of what we can expect from you in the near future?

"Live fire with the live band, I hope!"

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Made in Belgium