Made In Belgium 2017: Vicking Groovy

Pictures by Guillaume Kayacan


October 8 marks the day that Lefto, Democrazy and Red Bull Elektropedia join forces for the fifth consecutive year, just to bring you the raw, new and undiscovered local talents in the electronic music scene our tiny country has to offer. Made In Belgium will shine a light on 9 young artists or bands that have the potential to make it big, each of them in their own particular way. In anticipation of the free event which will take place at NEST in Ghent, we have sent this year’s participants a couple of quick questions in order to see what we’re dealing with. Say hello to Vicking Groovy!

So, tell the world: who is Vicking Groovy and what kind of music do you make?

"I'm a so-called bedroom producer who can't stick to one genre. Making whatever I feel like at the moment is the best workflow to get new creative ideas. From time to time I try to create ‘real songs’ instead of just beats, which I believe is the next step for me as an artist in progress. I like to float between house and hip hop, and everything in between. A lot of stupid stuff I just make for the fun of it, really. It’s important to have fun…"

Tell us about the first steps you made making music...

"Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of making music. Even though I didn't have a clue how to produce back then, I was already intrigued by the electronic music scene. My first steps in producing were actually quite awful: stacking audio recordings on Windows Movie Maker. I remember having a lot of ideas without knowing how to execute them. It's still very hard to transform these theories in my head into an actual piece of music, but I'm getting closer now. All the stuff I make is shaped by my parents’ record collection, my brothers' advice and hours of online music digging."

Which artists are an inspiration to you and why?

"To name a few: Anderson Paak, Frits Wentink, Robert Hood, Steve Lacy , Suicideyear, Samiyam, etc. I like artists with a refreshing sound. Listening to their music gives me goosebumps. I often make a track right after I hear a good song. Other artists from the Brussels-based Cup Of Tea Collective such as Amayo also inspire me and motivate me to work harder."

Are you looking forward to play on Made In Belgium?

"Not at all. (laughs) Kidding!"

If there's one goal you want to achieve (no limit), what would it be?

"My goal is simply getting my music out there and show people what I have. I’ll see where it gets me."

Want to hear more from Vicking Groovy? Check out his Soundcloud page. Don't forget to pass by his Facebook page too!

Made In Belgium, Sunday October 8, NEST. FREE entrance. Click here to head to the Facebook event page