Made In Belgium 2017: Madame Blavatsky

Pictures by Guillaume Kayacan


October 8 marks the day that Lefto, Democrazy and Red Bull Elektropedia join forces for the fifth consecutive year, just to bring you the raw, new and undiscovered local talents in the electronic music scene our tiny country has to offer. Made In Belgium will shine a light on 8 young artists or bands that have the potential to make it big, each of them in their own particular way. In anticipation of the free event which will take place at NEST in Ghent, we have sent this year’s participants a couple of quick questions in order to see what we’re dealing with. This time we say hello to Madame Blavatsky.

So tell the world: what is Madame Blavatsky and what kind of music do you guys make?

"As a band we aim to bring ‘bass’ music to life. You can take that quite literally: on stage we transform electronic beats into live electro-acoustic songs. The bass and the drums form the foundation, while a thick layer of harmonic synth and guitar work rests on top. Madame Blavatsky is a basically a funky experiment with rhythm, sound, interplay and improvisation."

When and how did the group come together?

"We met at the Conservatory of Ghent. We all have a background in jazz, but our hunger for bass-heavy electronic music brought the three of us together. We have already played together in other bands, but in this project we really found each other musically. We're three very different musicians who seem to connect perfectly in Madame Blavatsky."

Which artists are an inspiration to you and why?

"Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Slugabed, Pomrad, Krane, Dorian Concept, etc. These are artists that understand the essence of the beat and they manage to reinvent electronic music every day. Lately, the grime scene – with guys like Skepta, Stormzy and Kano – has been another source of inspiration for us. Finally, all the jazz giants like Herbie Hancock, Tigran Hamasyan, Brad Mehldau, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, etc. all influenced us in various degrees."

Are you guys looking forward to play Made In Belgium?

"It's not easy to find the right place and the right setting for our music, so it’s a great honour to be booked for this event. We're really looking forward to an evening full of live music, approved by Lefto, brought together in one of Ghent's hottest spots right now and attended by a like-minded audience. Can't wait!"

If there's one goal you want to achieve (no limit), what would it be?

"To produce an album with Hudson Mohawke, with guest appearances by Squarepusher, Brad Mehldau, Stormzy and Beyoncé - and mixed by Noisia. Or, how about a Boiler Room session?"

These fellas got your attention yet? They should! Head over to Madame Blavatsky's Facebook page or follow them on Soundcloud

Made In Belgium, Sunday October 8, NEST. Click here to head to the Facebook event page