Made In Belgium 2017: 2 Times Nothing

Pictures by Guillaume Kayacan


October 8 marks the day that Lefto, Democrazy and Red Bull Elektropedia join forces for the fifth consecutive year, just to bring you the raw, new and undiscovered local talents in the electronic music scene our tiny country has to offer. Made In Belgium will shine a light on 9 young artists or bands that have the potential to make it big, each of them in their own particular way. In anticipation of the free event which will take place at NEST in Ghent, we have sent this year’s participants a couple of quick questions in order to see what we’re dealing with. First up: 2 Times Nothing.

So tell the world: what is 2 Times Nothing and what kind of music do you make?

"We’re a band consisting of five jazz musicians, with a passion for experimental music and music from all corners of the globe. At the end of our sessions, we usually end up making eclectic tracks with strong influences from both retro jazz and modern club music."

When and how did the group come together?

"We all met each other in school, and we quickly formed a cover band. After realizing we all shared the same interests we started writing our own music, which resulted in a lot of unique and interesting music. That’s how it started, really. As for where we are based now: we’re all from different places in Flanders, so we usually come together in Brussels."

Which artists are an inspiration to you and why?

"Guys like Pudding oO, STUFF., Project Pablo or Four Tet are great sources of inspiration for us, because they know how to combine the acoustic with the electronic in a wonderfully balanced way. Strong music that’s difficult to pin a label to."

Are you guys looking forward to play Made In Belgium?

"Of course we are! It’s always nice to partake in an initiative that offers a platform for young, local artists."

2 TImes Nothing has your attention? Head over to their Facebook and Soundcloud page for more info and tunes!

Made In Belgium, Sunday October 8, NEST. Click here to head to the Facebook event page