Listen to Lefto's Silence = Death Keith Haring Mixtape


In anticipation of the Keith Haring exhibition at BOZAR, Belgium’s most renowned selector Lefto made an exclusive and dedicated mixtape with the music the iconic artist most definitely partied to. After all, other than being one of the most influential artists of his decade, Haring was known to be a party animal. In Lefto’s own words:

“It is undeniable that Keith Haring was seen as an artist who was too far ahead of its time. I found inspiration in Keith as an artist who was known for bringing gallery art to the streets, as well as a social activist who campaigned against social injustice and racism, nuclear disarmament and AIDS. I got into Keith Haring’s art through hip hop at an early age, and I remember seeing rappers on Yo! MTV Raps wearing hoodies with Keith’s artwork and I was intrigued. His style seemed simple, but nobody could bring the message out the way he could with just a few outlines.

Music was also part of his art, lots of paintings were related to music and rhythm, and he was a huge fan of all sorts of different music. He was into reggae, ska, punk, rap; he was a massive fan of the Grateful Dead and was heavily into Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage as well (with eventually some of his art being showcased in the club). This mix was inspired by watching hours of footage on Keith Haring’s work and that specific sound of the 80’s. The mix also features some of his friends or artists he has worked with, like Grace Jones, Madonna or David Bowie”.