Limitless Possibilities: Olvo's new album is seriously playful


The Namurois drops a strong album filled with electronic music drenched in melody.

Nicolas Allard is the kind of bedroom producer that successfully transformed into a well-rounded musician. On his new album, Limitless Possibilities, Allard balances his organic, melodic and playful compositions with an impressive selection of collaborations. Before we gave the release a spin, we checked in with the Namurois, to check what he has been up to.

Tell us a little more about the album: what's the idea behind it? Is there a message?

“I wanted to make clear that we all have unlimited potential and need to believe in ourselves and our abilities. The story behind the album is one of personal development, a topic that became relevant to me when I decided to devote myself to music fulltime three years ago. I started to build my self-esteem and believed in my work and abilities, which helped me grow as a human being and as an artist. The record is a reflection of that journey, my life in music, and two incredible years of great encounters and experiences. It’s a hopeful, positive, luminous and optimistic album that I hope will encourage people to follow their path and live their dreams”.

Each collaboration was a unique experience that brought a specific vibe to the album.

What are your influences? Which (international and Belgian) artists do you look to for inspiration?

“There are a few key albums that accompanied me in writing my own, like The Pacific Vision Of Martin Glass (by Martin Glass), Superbloom (by Kiefer), Onism (by Photay), Remember (by Olafur Arnalds), Phantom Brickworks (by Bibio), All Melody (by Nils Frahm) and Ambitus Of Beauty (by Natureboy Flako). Other than that, I like Chopin, Debussy, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Robot Koch, Lambert, Stan Getz, Chilly Gonzalez, etc. I could go on forever; but in short, I listen to everything as long as it moves me. As far as Belgium goes, I have to give props to Title (aka Soft Focus), Pippin, Le Motel, Yellowstraps, David Numwami, Pierres, Zwangere Guy and SHNTZL”.

There are a couple of exciting collabs on this album. Which one is your favourite, and why?

“I can have a favourite one day, then change my mind the next. Each collaboration was a unique experience that brought a specific vibe to the album. I loved Laryssa Kim’s impressive charisma, Mr Clasik’s flawless artistic direction, Augustin Fievet’s laid-back jam-approach and Claire Morrison’s incredible voice. Magic Malik agreed to work on two tracks, only if he was allowed to improvise, a gamble with great odds that turned out exceptional results! Lastly, having Témé Tan on my record is a great honour. He effortlessly succeeded in bringing more colour and light to my production”.

You have a very diverse and wide-ranging sound. Where will you go from here?

“I want to spend the rest of my life continuing to explore and refine my sound. I would love to be better at mastering harmonies and understanding every instrument. Expressing my emotions and telling stories through music requires total devotion, and I'm happy to oblige. I also want to keep looking for unexpected collaborations, as they keep me curious and open-minded. Finally, composing music for the visual arts and cinema is one of my life goals. The possibilities are limitless!