Lefto x Serato: My Friends Make Music Too.

Pictures by Guillaume Kayacan


On February 14, Lefto and Serato will drop a sweet double LP (yes, including Serato's signature control tone) featuring some heavy bangers by his close friends - hence the name: My Friends Make Music Too. We have the honors to give you a taste of what's to come. All you have to do is hit play in the link below. While you're enjoying that tune, you can read up on more info on how the project got molded into shape and how you can win a copy all for yourself. 

Tell us more about those friends of yours that make music too?

My Friends Make Music Too is a 2LP compilation I’ve been working on with Serato; I curated a record with music from my very talented musical friends."

What’s your relationship to/with Serato?

"Serato is the digital program I use these days to travel the world and still being able to play all the vinyl records that I want, with actual vinyl. It has been my companion for many years now, and it’s always been good to me. When I played in Auckland, New Zealand (the birthplace of Serato, ed.), I had the chance to meet the people behind the program and instantly built a good relation with them. I’ve done a few short films for them, and have been promoting Serato all the time. We’ve always been thinking of doing a record, and i’m very happy it finally came through."

How dit this project come along?

"Well, actually, at a chinese restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand, we discussed what the possibilites were. I thought, I could do a record with some of my own productions, but, then again, people don’t really know me for my productions. Eventually my radio show and how I push artists that I like through that channel came up. Which ultimately led me to think about the contacts I got thanks to that. So, I decided to get in touch with some of my closest friends, and the result is a nice piece for club deejays."

Happy with the result?

"I am very happy! I’ve been able to get that one opening track from the Boiler Room in Brussels, a track that many people asked for. I’ve got another banger from Mono Poly, a Brainfeeder artist who also got a track on one of Kendrick Lamar’s latest records. Music from Henry Wu, who’s one of my favorite producers from the UK. I also asked Cid Rim, producer from Vienna, to deliver a track. Locally, I just had to ask LTGL. I’ve been a supporter of his music for quite some time now. And, to finish it off, I added a track of myself."

When and where will My Friends Make Music Too be available?

"It will be available early February across Europe. Total Sonic will distribute it for the BeNeLux, and hopefully will find it’s way in all decent record shops."

We’re handing out a copy to one lucky individual. Any suggestions on what they need to do for it in return?

"I am very happy to hand out a copy, and to be honest, they don’t have to do anything in return. But I’d say this: I’d like everyone to be more open to music they don’t know. Go out. Look for music. Don’t let music come to you. Don’t let mainstream media define your taste. And don’t give up on anything you like to do because others don’t understand what you’re doing and treat you like the weirdo in the room. It’s okay! In the end you’ll feel more complete than the others."

Want that sweet limited wax by Lefto and Serato, featured with a couple of sick tracks and the Serato control tone? Send a mail to rbe@redbullelektropedia.be! The lucky winner will be notified by email on Friday, February 2. 

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