Lefto Presents: over a decade of quality music


The ‘Lefto Presents’-parties have been around for over a decade and solidified themselves as a brand. Different locations, different artists but always with the same purpose: showing the people of Belgium what’s popping in electronic music. Or, giving Belgian nightlife that extra edge, you might say. Time for some catching up with our favorite bearded man. 

Hi Lefto! We've been seeing eachother for a while now. Do you still remember the day of our anniversary?

“I don't keep track of those things usually, I try to always look forward, so don't ask me when we all started it." (laughs)

This Saturday (April 22, at Kompass in Gent) you bring the genre-bending DJ EZ: who goes from garage to trap to all sorts of dance music. Is that something you look for? Someone who can seamlessly switch between genres? 

“Yeah, I basically wanted EZ to bring an extra genre with his garage repertoire on the night. I don't really expect him to play anything but UK garage and funky, soulful house. The line-up is so intense that there will be something for anyone.  EZ is the don when it comes to this kind of music and I'm really excited about hosting him again after last summer at Dour.” 

DJ EZ shares the line-up with Clap! Clap! We remember seeing him three years ago at 'Lefto Presents’ (w/ Lunice) in Vooruit. What has the house producer been up to in the meantime? 

“Clap! Clap! released an awesome new album. You can't really call it house, it's more like tribal beats with jungle drums. Influences from everywhere, and on top of that an amazing visual show. I've played with him in Switzerland recently, and was immediately sold to his new show.”

You're also giving the stage to Flako and Belgian talent like Blackwave. What is so exciting about them?

“Flako has been around for some time, he's an incredible artist. Due to an ear injury Onra couldn't make it so I had to call in another friend. I wish Onra a quick rehab and can't wait to see Flako's new show and new productions. Blackwave., on the other hand, are new. And I’m proud they're local. They bring a fresh sound and are still young which means there’s still room for progression and originality - that’s the most important thing. I try to book original acts, not clones from something we've heard before, and when Gus saw them live he told me they were really good on stage. And I trust Gus, so that's why they are part of the lineup. I wanted good live acts as well.”

'Lefto Presents' holds place at different venues. What are you looking for in a good location?

“’Lefto Presents’ has always tried to do it's thing in different venues. But if you look around, Gent does not have that many places. Kompass is a place that fits the idea I had in mind. I wanted to do this edition in a hangar type of building, something that would remind me of the Eskimo parties Dirk de Ruyck would do back in the days in Gent. That was an awesome time for the city. Vooruit is already established and doesn't give you many options to create a different concept, so Kompass seemed to be the right place for it.”

Any plans for the next Made In Belgium?

“Made In Belgium is a nice platform that doesn't need a new plan, it’s good how it is. With the help of you guys (Red Bull Elektropedia) and Studio Brussels, I think of it as a community service that needs to exist for the genres I stand for. I’m not as picky for this concept as I am for my own ‘Lefto Presents’ nights, because there is talent in different subgenres that needs to be known. So it’s not unusual for me to book something that is not 100% my cup o' tea. I just want to give everyone a chance, as long as it sounds, looks and acts professional.”

This Saturday Lefto invites DJ EZ, Flako, Clap! Clap! and more in Kompass Klub, Gent. 

Come before 21:00 to see the premiere of 'Lefto in Transit: Los Angeles' for free + free entrance the whole night. 

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