Lawrence Le Doux - Astre (Walrus Remix)


Bepotel Records closes the year 2015 with a collection of Walrus remixes from tracks released in 2014 by some great Belgian underground electronic music artists. Lawrence Le Doux's Astre - which was previously released on the ep 'Terrestre' (VLEK16) - is one of these fine examples.

Walrus - hailing from Brussels - is a quixotic DJ and producer that revels in idiosyncratic club music. Together with Sagat and &apos, he's a member of the house and electronic music project Bepotel. The three of them are also the thriving strength behind Bepotel Records.

Walrus spends his time away from the stage putting in hours of studio work, helping out in the legendary Brussels record shop Dr. Vinyl and adhering to a relentless routine of searching for new and exciting music.