Launching: the BASS FACED playlist, curated by Bredren


A playlist showcasing the endless shades of Belgian drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep, selected by homegrown specialists. First up: Bredren.

According to Urban Dictionary, a bass face means “the facial acrobatics that one engages in when playing a particularly groovy bassline”. But you don’t have to explain that to the drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep fans amongst us. They know what a set of hard-hitting drums and a nasty bassline can do. Now, they have a playlist that contains the ultimate selection of homegrown tracks in the broken beat genres.

Every season, we pick a specialist curator that's free to select his or her favourite homegrown picks and making regular updates. We start with the busy Brussels-based DJ-producer-promoter trio Bredren. “We’ve selected a lot of techy and dark tracks since that’s the niche we’re most comfortable in, but there’s also a great deal of dub, breaks, jungle and experimental music in there”, explains Adrien Van Dijk. “It was a challenging task to compile this list. We had to dig deep and that brought back some old memories. We know most of the artists in this list personally, and they have meant a lot to the Belgian bass scene. With this playlist, we want to pay tribute to all these talented people”.