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Kris Dane - Sweet On You (ATTAR! Remix)

Kris Dane - Sweet On You (ATTAR! Remix)

Red Bull Elektropedia presents: the exclusive ATTAR! remix of Kris Dane's song Sweet On You.
Free DL for one week. Don't you sleep.

"Fan of Kris Dane's music since the beginning, I felt completely in love with the new album Rose Of Jericho.
I was listening to the CD in my car when I was driving to the countryside and I decided to try a remix on his track Sweet On You. I definitely wanted to play some Kris Dane stuff in my sets. I tried to respectfully keep the original mood of the track but turned it into a more clubby vibe. I hope I've won my bet. Now, let's dance!" ATTAR!, July 2015


Kris Dane - album 'Rose of Jericho' - out on PIAS Recordings