Kompass is moving to another location

Pictures by Nachtschaduw


After four years at the industrial site in Ghent, Kompass will relocate to a new location.

"We're not moving because of the pandemic", manager Jens Grieten explains. "We already had plans to move. Given the current situation, it's unlikely we would open our doors anytime soon, so we decided to spend our time exploring other options while we're able to". Grieten also adds it's "unlikely they will move to another city, but I can't tell you any more about the options on the table right now".  Read the statement of Kompass below:

"Every era comes to an end and so will Kompass' at its current location. We are forced to say goodbye to the building that we called home for the past 4 years. Only 4 years but yet so many memories have been created in this iconic place. But don’t be sad. Those who have been following Kompass since the beginning know that our saga will continue. We are not closing, we’re just moving. And moving means improving. All Kompass hands on deck because a new chapter is loading. We're not a building, we're a movement".

To give the current venue a proper goodbye, Kompass is hosting a special NYE livestream from the venue with Amelie Lens, Farrago and resident Corvus Ex. More information about the stream can be found here.