Klub Dramatik Festival


Another funky festival makes its debut this weekend: Klub Dramatik will host its first edition at an oasis of tranquility in Antwerp, with a lineup that is bound to make you dance. The whole thing intrigued our editorial office, which is why we met up with the folks behind the scenes. 

Hi guys, what’s going on?

"All good! Thank you for having us, very excited for this one."

Klub Dramatik. What’s in a name, right? But, seriously, why 'Dramatik'?

"Right, what’s in a name… I think the name puts highlights a crazy, ambient atmosphere, exactly what we want to achieve. Our deco, lightshow & lineup will help realize this in an artistic, well thought way. The name is so over the top, it’s almost funny."

The first edition is right around the corner. Excited?

"Of course! We’ve been busy with this one since September. Everything has been plunged in a DIY-mindset. We're even programming the light-show ourselves. We’ve spent almost literally hundreds of hours creating and building it. We believe we can only achieve exactly what we want if we put our hands on everything. That’s also one of the reasons we are doing this: our passion doesn't only lie in music, we love the challenge of creating and building things from scratch."

Quite the lineup you guys puzzled together. Headliners like Detroit Swindle and Baba Stiltz are not the easiest to persuade, especially for a first edition. How did you wheel them in?

"Matthieu (co-founder) is a great graphic designer, so we are very lucky he made a fantastic 3D-render to make the agencies see our vision and believe in our project. Still can’t get our heads around the fact that we got what we wanted; fresh, unique artists that make the crowd dance during their whole set."

Can you tell us more about the location?

"The location is just extraordinary. Super cozy! Completely surrounded by woods, this beautiful piece of nature near the city of Antwerp disconnects you from civilization for 12 hours - just what we wanted. Events on that location are very rare, so we are happy and lucky to be amongst them."

What other events can we find your fingerprints on?

"On August 5, we organize BLUE MOTEL, an open air event at Magiq Spiegeltent. For the first edition of this almost trashy disco-concept, we booked international artists Sadar Bahar and Jan van Kampen. This is going to be real fun. After the summer, Klub Dramatik and BLUE MOTEL will continue to make you dance throughout the year with clubnights. Keep an eye on our Facebook page!"

Any recommendations for the folks that are planning to come over?

"Maybe to bring sweatbands ,and to put on a big ol' smile! (laughs) Every picture of our analog folder will be developed. Spot you and your friends in the Facebook album and we will send the original copy to you, for free!"

Any last words of persuasion for the folks that are still doubting?

"We have - quite frankly - an obsession with velvet & other kinds of funky fabric, which will give a new dimension to our festival. We love trying to step out of the ordinary. So if you want to see something special: come on over!"

Klub Dramatik will have its first edition this Saturday, July 8, with Detroit Swindle, Moomin, Baba Stiltz, John Noseda, Arne and Hill Men. Head over to the Facebook event page, or, if you already made up your mind and don't want to miss out, grab your tickets here.