Klub Dramatik 2020 announces full lineup


Biggers isn’t always better. Antwerp’s Klub Dramatik Festival clearly chooses intimacy over grandeur, and that’s no different for the fourth edition on Saturday June 13. Last year, 3000 people danced at one of their three different stages set in the beautiful Nachtegalenpark for a day filled with house, techno, electro and disco music in all its shapes. This year, it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. Just take a look at the full lineup and see for yourself:

For the first time, Klub Dramatik will be divided in a day program and night program at various different locations this year. More information about that soon.


STAGE ONE: Hot Flash Club:  Marlon Hoffstadt - Daniel Wang - DJ Tennis (disco set) - John Noseda - Magic Teapot Records (Daniel Baughman & MLiR) - Bianca Lexis

STAGE TWO: Turbine: Priku - DeWalta - Molly - Pur Sang live - Eline Anne - Swet - Dug

STAGE THREE: Fanklub in the forest: Fanklub DJ’s - Alexander Robotnik live - Nyra - Lola Haro - Cléo - More TBA


ROOM ONE: Arno Lemons - Moody Mehran - Bjeor - DJ Boats - Flapy - Juicy - Khuram - Lil Lawaw

ROOM TWO: Curtis - Hill Men - Order Mothership - Pirrès