Kiosk Radio starts Outsiders, a daily show hosted by global independent record labels


The Brussels-based internet radio’s new daily schedule will include takeovers with at least 42 labels from over 30 different countries.

Since it has become increasingly harder to host artists and DJs in their wooden shack at Brussels’ Parc Royal, the team behind Kiosk Radio  (who struck gold in the Best Media category at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2019) has decided to expand their platform and host new music partners from all over the globe. “With Outsiders, we aim to showcase like-minded actors involved in the creation and promotion of alternative music”, explains co-manager Nicolas Bucci. “Each partner will curate a monthly residency for one year, highlighting different artists from its entourage. You can expect also live recordings, interviews, unreleased material, and much more”.

Since the start of 2020, Kiosk Radio has streamlined its output with fixed residents, even welcoming Lefto for a weekly rendez-vous. The organization assures the new project will not interfere with the running schedule. “Outsiders will be complementary to our live program in the park”, says Bucci.

Outsiders will shine a light on different players within the global music industry. “In 2021, the focus will be on independent music labels but, for the next years, we are already planning to involve record stores, events collectives and - last but not least - other online community radios”.

Listeners will be able to check out the brand new show live on (or on the Kiosk Radio app) every day from between 10 AM to 12 PM CET. Given the global nature of the project (and the many different timezones), the same shows will be re-streamed on the same day from 10 PM to 12 AM CET.

In 2021, the focus will be on independent music labels.

You can find a list of the confirmed partnerships for this year here:

Abstrakce (Spain), Afrosynth (South Africa), Artetetra (Italy), Ashes57 / Teklife Records (UK/US), Astigmatic Records (UK/Poland), Bongo Joe Records (Switzerland), Calypso Records (Mexico), Cómeme (Germany), Crammed Discs (Belgium), Décalé Records (France), Dekadenz Records (Indonesia), DELODIO (France), Discrepant (UK), DIVISI62 (Indonesia), Fauve Records (Hong Kong), Garzen Records (Israel), Invisible City Editions (Canada), Invisible, Inc. (Scotland), JJ Funhouse (Belgium), Kashual Plastik (Germany), Le Temps Perdu (Lithuania), Low Budget Family / That's A Steal! (Russia), Macadam Mambo (France), Mannequin Records (Germany), Meakusma (Belgium), Mediteranos / Salasi (Palestine), More Rice (Philippines / Thailand), Neroli (Italy), Nonlocal Research (Chile), Nyege Nyege (Uganda), One Eye Witness (Netherlands), Peels Records by Midnight Runners (Indonesia), Planet Trip (Australia), Promesses (France), Radio Martiko (Belgium), Slow Motion Records/Wrong Era (Italy/Germany), Street Corner Music (US), STROOM (Belgium), SVBKVLT (China), Teenage Menopause Records (France), Tofistock (Israel), Ujikaji (Singapore), Yes No Wave Music (Indonesia)

Outsiders kicks off next Monday with Spain's Abstrakce Records.