Kiosk Radio plans a summer with broadcasts from iconic locations


Between June 29 and September 21, Brussels' finest community radio will go on a grand tour of the city's most iconic music spots.

From its wooden shack in the heart of Parc Royal, Kiosk Radio  has been broadcasting cutting-edge music from the finest selectors for over three years. Since its inception, the radio became a real meeting point for music lovers of every background. Alas, the lockdown has prevented those fans from coming together to experience music, putting the music scene on the brink (or just over the brink) of crisis. Kiosk Radio now plans to support the local music venues with a series of broadcasts from those locations, for 10 Mondays straight.

The tour will start from C12 today (Monday June 29), stopping at VK, Buda, Fuse, Crevette Records, FFORMATT, Ancienne Belgique, Botanique, Beursschouwburg and Les Atelier Claus after that respectively. These sessions will showcase local talent from every genre, like Aksak Maboul, Rheinzand, DC Salas, Paul Seul, Yamila, Lyna, Cleveland, Lawrence Le Doux, Border One, Borokov Borokov and many more.

During the broadcasts, listeners will be able to purchase vouchers, which can later be exchanged for concert tickets or club nights.