Kelly Palmer: your one night stand that lasts forever


It’s hard to keep up with Antwerp’s nightlife development. Lately, the diamond city has been a breeding ground for new collectives, creative spaces and clubs. During the last year, Klub Goud came and went, Contrair was welcomed as the new pop-up hot spot and Kelly Palmer arose from the ashes of Magic. Although Kelly Palmer hasn’t had a lot of time to prove itself, it already has a solid reputation when it comes to programming underground quality dance music. While the newest club on the block is almost ready to wrap up its freshman’s season, we met up with John Noseda - one of the founders - to have an evaluation.

Hey John! So, who’s Kelly Palmer and what's your relationship with her?

"I met Kelly Palmer last summer and it was love at first sight. Her vision and musical taste were an inspiration for what ended up in a passionate nightlife love story."

How do you look back at Kelly’s first months?

"It was a big challenge to create a new quality hotspot in a city that already has a wide range of fun places and events. However, slowly but steady we’re putting ourselves on the map with various concepts like Kelly Loves Disco and Kelly Loves Acid. Furthermore, guest DJs like Job Jobse, Moscoman, Pachanga Boys, Patrice Baumel, Mad Rey Pional, Clara3000, William Djoko have passed our doorstep for some memorable nights."

Despite Kelly’s relatively young age, you’ve managed to gather a nice following in a short term. What are the objectives for next season?

"We want to keep bringing a crossover of house and disco with a mix of fresh names on the scene in combination with established artists. We’re already negotiating to bring some musical highlights to Kelly in the next season. To be continued…"

Will Kelly Palmer be someone who will present herself beyond the borders of the club?

"This summer, Kelly Palmer will make her first steps outside Antwerp! We’re hosting a stage on WeCanDance where we’re inviting a legendary disco artist to lay down a 4-hour set. Thereafter we also have the honors of boarding on The Ark, with a.o. Gerd Janson, Peggy Gou and Jan Van Kampen B2B Cinnaman! Furthermore, there are some projects pending. Hope we can share them with you soon."

Kelly Palmer and Red Bull Elektropedia have been cooking up some things recently. Could you tell us some more about that?

"Yes! Last summer I got to know the Honey Soundsystem boys on a wild night in Circo Loco in Ibiza. Straight away I knew I had to get this collective from San Francisco to Antwerp. These guys, who are very popular in the underground gay scene, also have their own label HNYTRX - which you really should check out. It seemed like an excellent plan to co-host this night together with Red Bull Elektropedia, since Honey Soundsystem has a show on Red Bull Radio, and so we’re having a little fun soiree on Saturday April 15! In addition, we have the guys from the Brussels’ Ensemble, Kong & Gratts and SixSixSixties, the man behind the wildly popular SPEK nights in Antwerp."

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Want to get all warmed up for the event on April 15? Have a listen to Honey Soundsystem's shows on Red Bull Radio.

Kelly Palmer