Keep clubbing. Skip breakfast.


BRUSSELS (according to FTRSND & Brussels Electronic Marathon)

First, let's have a drink!

- Parvis de Saint-Gilles : La maison du Peuple, Le Libraire, l'Union
- Flagey : Murmur, L'amère à Boire, Belga, Pantin, ...
- Cimetière d'Ixelles : Le Tavernier, Montmartre, El Café, ...
- Center : Quartier Saint-Géry

Get in the mood for a long, long night.

- Bonnefooi: DJs, live music, hip hop, funk, electro, deep house... Choose your night!
- Café Central: DJs, sometimes Live Groups.
- Floréo (free): bar with good cocktails, drinks and music.
- Floréo (dancefloor): DJs who spin hip hop and funky grooves.

Dance the night away!

- Fuse's traditional Friday and Saturday nights, or its brand new Thursday concept +++ (Plus Plus Plus), which programs a rotation of residents.
- Epicerie Moderne (free): there's always a goof vibe going on. It's a mix of a bar and club with local DJs that play different genres. Expect deep house, minimal and techno. But, hold on, they have some disco and hip hop nights too!
- Madame Moustache (entrance around 5 euros) : much appreciated by fellow students who are looking for some variety. From disco to chachacha, swing nights and rock'n roll. It's the place to be if you like retro, vintage and deux-par-deux dancing.
- Bloody Louis is the place to go for a fancy club experience. Good music and a beautiful crowd make this one of Brussels must see spots!

Want more?

Follow these Brussels based concepts and you should be set for an entire year: We Bring You, Deep In House, Deep Heat, ON.afternoon, Pic Nic Electronique, Initiate, Bedroom Beats, Norite, Trahace, Blue Cheese, Less Iz More, Playlabel, WATF, Echoes, Technoon, Boatclub, Bxl Jardins, ...

LIÈGE (according to Le Cadran)

The Jeudredis nights at Studio 22 are one of the best places a student can go to. As you may know, it's a French word meaning : it's Thursday, time for a beer! The venue is known for its free tapas, great drink deals and music (commercial, but always nice). Jeudredi is a pleasant and humorous concept where you can express your opinion about society topics. 

HASSELT (according to Gewelt)

Forty Five Thursdays was the stuff of legend, because of the free beers you got after buying a round. Starting this year, the club replaces the concept with CLUBCNNCT, which invites a Belgian club and its residents to Hasselt's underground music temple. As a student, you should also go to Versuz at least once. We recommend you go on a Thursday, then you can score some beers for cheap. Promnight is also a big hit. Dressing up is always fun! Still haven't got quite enough? Labyrinth is the new kid on the block, with sleek programming weekend after weekend.

LOUVAIN (according to Hush Hefner, Gewelt and Raoul Belmans)

Warming up:

If you're looking for some drinks, you should head out to bar Apéro on the Oude Markt. Even after 25 years, the bar keeps raising the bar with good drinks and awesome tunes by regulars as Exalt, Raoul Belmans, Bjeor, Klaps, Viktor Bodrovski...

Something different:

You’re easily bored by a regular night at the bar? Good news: just mark StukSTARTfeest (at Stuk), Existenz Week (especially the cocktail party) en StukEINDfeest (also at Stuk) on your calendars! There is also The Depot, with concerts all year round. And once a year Lokomotion turns the city upside down. All set?

All about the music:

The biggest event of the year is Studentenwelkom on October 5. This year, Woodie Smalls, Billie en local heroes Maverick and Poldoore will hit the stage. Concepts that return on a regular basis and that focus on the better kind of underground music are to be found at Rumba (Mause Events), Social Club (Quantize, Slagwerk, Multivision), Existenz and 't Gewelf. Don’t miss out!

The one:

For romancing you should take you partner (to be) to Jazz Op Zondag at Stuk. Why? Simple. That’s when big boss Raphaël Klaps invites live jazz bands on stage. Score!

ANTWERP (according to Hush Hefner)


On October 8 Club Goud closes its doors for good (que teardrops rolling down). That’s why you should attend as many events as possible for the next two weeks. Same goes for the equally cool Bar Gloed. 

No worries:

Luckily there is the MAS, with Masked (13/10) and Club Stroom (15/10) - where Kleinhouse, Kurious, Het Bos and Kavka are hosting - showcasing a terrific line-up: Patrice Baumel, Faisal, Nico Morano, Konna, Cleveland (live) and many more. Be there!


Art lovers, lend us your ears! From 16/11 till 20/11 Closer/Dichterbij organises a five day festival where art, poetry and gastronomy go hand in hand. Gregory Frateur is curating daily concerts and the club nights are no to be missed!

Just keep going:

You should also always keep Club Vaag (HMWRK), Ampere (Nocturne) and Kavka in mind. Their concept nights are legendary. The Helder parties are the same: StuBru resident Konna fills your Wednesday night with energy! Do you want something completely different? Go check out Bos and Bagger. Worth it!

GHENT (according to Neon and Red D)

Way of life:

Ghent loves to go out. You can have a drink everywhere, but as a student there are some venues you have to go to at least once! Charlatan is a big name, with legendary Thursday nights. Be sure to spend some time in all time classics like Marimain and Kinky Star as well. And let's not forget about Decadance and The Viking, of course! Just don’t plan anything the next day. Also, you should have a bite at Martino, and say hi to the Ghent legend Pascaline for us!


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of awesome venues to choose from, but be sure to check out Club IIII and Club 69 on the Oude Beestenmarkt: awesome sound and vibes! You don’t want to leave the Overpoort? Invade Klub XIII! And maybe stay during the weekend? Vooruit is always up for a party: Star Warz, Kozzmozz, Poplife, Age Of Love XL, etc...


You also should not miss Film Fest Ghent, even when you are not into the whole cultfilm scene. The atmospehere is great, and walking a red carpet is never not cool!