Jacobin: airy soundscapes and alluring electronica.


Jasper Segers is not unknown to the Belgian music scene. He’s been showcasing his talent as a musician, producer and mixer with acts such as Seizoensklanken, Soldier’s Heart, Tundra, Schaduwland, Hoar and more. Furthermore, he’s also one of the co-founders and promoters of the annual Booty Rave Festival. Now, this jack-of-all-trades is bringing his new (solo) moniker, Jacobin. Serving a fresh and organic take on modern electronics, Jacobin could match with other national acts such as Oaktree, Avondlicht and Vuurwerk. Red Bull Elektropedia is delighted to present Jacobin’s first track, ‘One’, as an exclusive premiere. Be sure to watch the accompanying video, directed by Tina Herbots and Emiel Raeymaeckers.

in which musical spectrum is Jacobin active?

"I think Jacobin is situated between danceable electronics and atmospheric soundscapes."

From which subjects or artists do you draw your inspiration?

"I love artists who bring something that I’ve never heard or seen before. They should bring a certain element of surprise. It can be both on production as visual level. If it puts a spontaneous smile on my face, I know it’s good. It’s those moments that inspire me to make something new."

As a producer, you worked behind the scenes with bands like Schaduwland, Seizoensklanken, Tundra, Hoar and more. How come you’re focusing on your solo activities right now?

"Well, I haven’t given up on producing yet! I just finished an EP with lohaus and now I’m also working on new material for Schaduwland and Tundra. And I’ll commence some other new projects soon. I think it’s interesting to approach music from different angles. With Jacobin, there are no limits, because I only have to account for myself. Thanks to this mind-set, I can keep looking for new boundaries."

You were also part of Soldier's Heart, an indie pop outfit which is a bit further from the electronica you make nowadays. The variety in your different production outputs is interesting.

"With Soldier's Heart we’ve always tried to say away from traditional pop music. There was some space and desire for experiment. It’s always exciting to combine all these different aspects. With Jacobin, I don’t want to pin myself to electronics only. Organic elements like percussion, for example, can really bring a groove to life. There may even be a poppy or catchy element here and there (wink-wink)."

We have the honour to premiere your first track 'One'. What can you tell about it?

"Many tracks have originated from experimenting with pitch and speed variation, thus creating a new atmosphere. Everything sounds much deeper and gets an extra dimension. I get bored quickly, so I try to throw everything around and create a new vibe. As a result, old tracks are revitalized."

More information on Jacobin can be found on the man’s Facebook page.