Is CLUB WIT the new black?

Pictures by Lars Duchateau


It’s always a good day when a new club lands in our country. It’s an even better day when that club supports alternative music culture. ZWARTWIT is the latest addition to Ghent’s sparkling nightlife scene. Located in an industrial area in close vicinity to the Ghelamco Arena, this multipurpose venue aims to serve many different purposes other than just playing out music. “This location is perfect for a wide use of different activities”, explains manager Tim Synaeve. “We also opened a restaurant here - and the venue is suitable for business meetings and private events. Then again it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t also throw proper parties in there under the CLUB WIT banner. The challenge was to design a space that looks good both in the day and at night - and we are confident we’ve succeeded in doing so”.

But how do you position yourself in a musical landscape where many clubs are dominating their respective micro scenes? “Ghent already has many different scenes, crews and concepts. For us it’s a matter of finding the blind spots. On the one hand, we will book leftfield house, disco and Italo, while on the other we will give attention to the new urban music. we’re also open to hosting external events and/or concepts”, adds Synaeve. “With a capacity of 400 we can’t go too crazy with the headliners, but this gives us the opportunity to invite DJ’s that have proven theirselves already or artists that might not fit elsewhere. As we’re not a traditional nightclub, we don’t feel the pressure to sell out every Friday and Saturday”. Being able to make yourself stand out from the rest takes more than just booking the right DJ’s. Co-manager Dominique Brion agrees, “we don’t want to set trends. There are many others who have set this as their goal. A general cosy atmosphere that can attract many different sorts of ravers is what interests us most. There are plenty of CDJ wizards around who can serve that purpose. Give those guys a proper Martin Audio sound system and we should be in for a great night out”.

With a large, sunny terrace, CLUB WIT’s first summer promises to be so filled with plenty of lazy afternoons. But before that happens there are some very promising club nights on the schedule. A refreshing variety of scene stalwarts like Jeremy Underground, King Doudou, Sassy J, Faisal, Merca Bae, Carista and Lefto have already been confirmed, but there are still plenty Synaeve and Brion can’t tell us about. If anything, these are plenty of valid reasons to get down to Ghent's outskirts for a night of pure, uncomplicated fun.