Introducing the Chase Award


Since last year's Best MC category turned out to be a bit of a weird mix of party MCs and rappers, we decided to create a brand new category for the 2015 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards.

Say YO to the Chase Award!

Wait! What? Chase!? Oh, come on: surely you've already heard of the online urban lifestyle platform Chase. If not, the very first Chase Award nominees should give you an idea of what their into: Faisal, L'Or Du Commun, La Smala, LTGL, Moodprint, Poldoore, Selah Sue, STUFF, Tourist Lemc and Woodie Smalls.

Mind you: the nominations are the result of a year-long process, which involved the Chase team compiling an extensive longlist and the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards jury handpicking ten artists from that list - based on their merits over the past year.

Yes, it's a diverse list but we hope you'll agree each of the nominees is a true artist in his/her own right.

And now, it's up to you. VOTE!