Horst announces alternative summer program, Almost Together

Pictures by Kasia Zacharko, Jeroen Verrecht, Mathijs Devroedt


The 2020 edition remains uncertain, but in the meantime, the festival has announced an alternative summer program between July 17 and August 30.

In September 2019, the alternative electronic music and arts festival Horst moved to the ASIAT site in Vilvoorde with incredible results. Relocating to these former military grounds, with two defunct cooling towers in the background, proved to be a wise decision. With four distinct and specifically designed stages, 12 thousand visitors enjoyed three days of the country's newest avant-garde gathering. 

While most Belgian music festivals have already announced they will not host their yearly editions this summer, Horst's organisers are still unsure if their upcoming festival will continue as planned. "Today it's still not certain if the festival can take place, or in what form", says co-promoter Jochem Daelman. "We're keeping our options open to organise something within the given responsible and safe framework". Awaiting more clarity on the situation, Horst announced the alternative summer program under the 'Almost Together' banner today. "In the years to come, we will set camp in Vilvoorde to delve deep into what'ss at stake locally and connect this to the global concerns that are close to our hearts. Our activities will crystallise in various venues, each with their distinct character, programme and feel".

So what's new? Well, first of all, starting July 17, the brand new Restaurant Club will be opened every Friday and Saturday. The open-roof warehouse with an indoor garden and pond will host a flexible modular stage that will host performances and DJ-sets every night. "Connection with our audience is key, so your dinner party with friends turns into a playful and interactive evening here".

Secondly, on Thursday July 30 and August 13, the Restaurant Club will host two Sleeping Concerts. "Artists will be invited for evenings filled with dreamy soundscapes, field recordings, ambient DJ-sets and listening sessions". Together with the other guests, you will spend the night together under the care of the musician, and you'll be offered a communal breakfast in the morning".

The Horst Labs will be moved to August 1-9. In short, this is a multi-day platform for experimentation, co-creation, and creative talent development. It's a sort of boot camp for creative minds alike in different fields of expertise. This year, the second series of three Labs will open to over 75 young (inter)national creatives from all backgrounds. The Music Lab, the Art Lab, and the Architecture Lab will all be held in the first week of August. More information on the registrations for these Labs will follow soon.

Then finally, Horst also plans a special interview series, 'Their Way', with DIY entrepreneurs at the forefront of art, architecture and music. The first installment, with the Brussels-based BC Architects, Studies and Materials is available here.