Highbloo launches Common Sense imprint.


Luca Di Fernando - better known as Highbloo - started experimenting with electronic music production at a young age. Today, the young DJ/producer from the south of Belgium still spends most of his time in the studio, creating his signature expressive sound that ties the knots between techno, house and electro. Over the course of his career, he has performed at festivals like I Love Techno, Pukkelpop and Dour and was even a member of The Subs for a while. The Lektroluv signee soon launches his own label - Common Sense. Enough reasons to ask him a few questions about the birth of his new output. 

Hi Luca. Congratulations on the new label. On your Facebook page, you wrote that Common Sense will be "a free record label about passion. No rules, no business, just a platform where artists can remove inhibitions from their music". What do you mean by that?

"I want it to be a platform where artists won’t be limited to releasing a certain sound, or push them that the release should have a pop single or whatever. It’s just about letting go and seeing what comes out. When you spend 14 hours a day in the studio, working with passion, not actually counting the hours, you don't want business people to make the decisions. So, creating my own label lets me release music however I want to. I think money, in a way, alters what artists put out. So with Common Sense I want it to be successful artistically and musically, not money and business wise, just like the name suggests."

That makes sense. Is starting a label a reaction to how the music industry often works?

"It is a bit of a reaction, but more a necessity! This is not a 'fuck you'-label or an 'elitist'-label, I just want to remind artists that they should make music because they it makes them happy, not to become famous or something. Your music has to make sense with the individual who you are. The label is a place where you can let yourself go, wherever you go!"

What are the first releases you have planned? Will the label be a family affair?

"The label will showcase what I wanted to make when I was in front of my computer making it (winks). The releases should reflect what's in my heart, what I have deep down. The very first release will be a Highbloo one, the second one will be by my best friend. The plan is to release something every two months. I will ask artists that I love to release - maybe will do some collabs, everything is open. No rules, no business!"

Thanks for the information Luca. We will keep an eye out. Any last words to send into the world?

"The past two years, I’ve been quietly working my ass off on a different project. No club music, different stuff. So stay tuned for more info about that soon!"

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Common Sense imprint