Het Veld: the last weekend of the open-air venue, hidden in a cornfield

Pictures by Becotte


Still wanna dance in this (kind of) secret location? This weekend is your last chance.

After a terrible year for nightlife, Antwerp's party crowd was lucky to witness the addition of a new music venue. Het Veld, literally tucked away in a cornfield Wommelgem, is the brainchild of Yves Massignani and Thomas Van Praag, also known for the popular Contrair events. With the final weekend of Het Veld on our doorstep, we checked in to see how wild the ride had been.

How do you look back on this first season of Het Veld?

“It has been an incredible rollercoaster. From the first preparations in January onwards, it has been an enormous task to get everything done in very uncertain circumstances. We had to convince the local government, create a basis of support among the local population, and anxiously watch every government committee. Additionally, we could only start booking our artists in May because that’s when it finally became clear what the final form of Het Veld would look like. There were many incredibly intense ups and downs, and we got a lot of work done with our fantastic team. Above all, I will cherish the memories of wonderful concerts and performances that we were able to pull off for more than 20.000 visitors over the whole summer.”

The biggest challenge was getting this whole project up and running when the rules change every few weeks.

How did you end up at this location?

“By accident! I was looking for a location to host my wedding! We ended up in the neighbouring building, the former Bel Air Club, but I immediately saw the potential of the space around it.”

What was the biggest challenge? And what was the best moment?

“The worst part was getting this whole project up and running when the rules around you change every few weeks. Sometimes it felt impossible to plan anything at all. The best moment, however, was opening our doors for the first time. Seeing so many smiles in the crowd was truly heartwarming. After all, everyone was finally able to go out again after so long.”

What can we expect from the closing act? And what is on the agenda for you afterwards?

“Expect nothing less than a massive dance party with the Contrair and Hush Hush crews, with crowd favourites Antal and Mim Suleiman behind the decks on Saturday.”