Here are the 16 Champion Sound Beat Battle 2020 participants

Pictures by ByWM


Are you ready for the Champion Sound at Ancienne Belgique? For the seventh year in a row, the nation’s premier beat battle showcases Belgian bedroom talent in a fierce knock-out tournament. How does it work? The 16 chosen participants have to get to work (aka make a killer beat) with a selection of given samples. These will have to take their productions to the finals on Saturday April 4 at Ancienne Belgique, where we will see who will follow the footsteps of Susobrino, LTGL, Freddy Bracker, Pippin and Corrupted. Your judges for this year: Lefto, Le Motel and Stellar OM Source. Without further ado, here are the 16 selected producers:

ADRIEN RIGEL (Facebook / Soundcloud)

AEMN BREAK (Website / Soundcloud)

ARLOI. (Facebook / Soundcloud)

AUDRI (Facebook / Soundcloud)

ESKILL (Facebook / Soundcloud)

E.Y. BEATS (Facebook / Soundcloud)

FIFTY HERTZ (Facebook / Soundcloud)

KOMANA (Facebook / Soundcloud)

MEMENTA  (Facebook / Soundcloud)

MR. VOLTA (Facebook / Soundcloud)

NAG (Facebook / Soundcloud)

NIGHTSHOP (Facebook / Soundcloud)

SEKUASA (Facebook / Soundcloud)

STAB (Facebook / Soundcloud)

TITLE (Facebook / Soundcloud)

UNOS (Facebook / Soundcloud)