GOOSE is looking for creative neighbors.

Pictures by Willy Vanderperre & GOOSE


Mickael, Tom, Bert and Dave were looking for a new residence for GOOSE quite some time now. The four musicians will be moving in to a groovy industrial building in their hometown - Courtrai. The first floor will be the band's new headquarters, but they have equally special plans for the ground floor! The guys are looking for some creative neighbors to fill in the empty spaces. "One day, we ended up right above a bar, just because the romantic idea that surrounded it", says Mickael. "That place gave us huge amounts of energy and inspiration, but to evolve and grow, we need more space." If you are interested in the rental space they have to offer, GOOSE invites you to visit on Sunday, July 9

Hi guys! How are things going? Looking forward to another festival season?

"Yes! We're great actually. We've had great response in the clubs when we played the songs from our latest album 'What You Need', and we are excited to start the festival season!"

You are planning quite the move, building a new studio from scratch. What led to it? Did you find the location first and started planning after, or had the plans and found the location?

"The past years we've been dreaming of our own space, but finding the right location was quite the nightmare! (laughs) Either it was too small or too crappy. But when we did find this building in Courtrai, we fell in love with it instantly. The way it's built is rough and brutal, with loads of concrete walls and ceilings. Although it's located in the center, you can easily imagine yourself standing in a warehouse in Brooklyn."

Back in Courtrai. How much has your hometown meant for you during your career?

"We are in a constant creative evolution, and we see the city is growing around us. It's not the posh and provincial town anymore that we knew while growing up. There is a new energy, and we feed of that energy as new talents emerge and tend to stick around instead of moving to other parts of Belgium."

What are the plans for the new studio? The building seems huge, so we guess you wont be using it just for recording? 

"It has so much potential you can literally start any kind of activity in it: a bar, a restaurant, a shop, a photo studio, … It's a space that tells you to get out of your lazy seat and make your dreams come true!" (laughs)

So, if we're correct, you're looking for a couple of creative neighbors?

"Ideally, yes. The thought of having something vibrant going on beneath our studio floor is also inspiring for us. The building is an extension of who we are as GOOSE. And GOOSE is about bringing people together and by doing this you create electricity, a movement."

What do your future neighbors need to know? 

"The ground floor used to be 'Tony's Garage'. The remaining elements of the car repair shop give the room a unique feel. Oh yeah, by the way, don't worry! We won't be too loud (wink-wink)"

The property is located in the new part of "Kortrijk Weide", an innovative piece of the city in which it invests heavily, and within walking distance of the main square and the station. Kortrijk Weide will become a place where experience and meeting are central, including a large event venue, an ecological city park, a gym, the new public swimming pool, an urban sports hall, Tranzit youth center, education with HoWest and adult education and economy for innovation and creative Starters. The fact that the building is in the midst of this young dynamic, makes it a prime location for the future tenant. An original catering concept, art gallery, event or shopping area are among the many possible entries.

Details: The total area of the ground floor is 275 m2. This floor can be rented as a whole or divided into a room of 81m2 and a space of 194 m2 depending on the specific needs. The ground floor gives access to a south facing terrace of 62 m2.

If you are interested in the rental space, GOOSE invites you to visit on Sunday, July 9. Please mail to prior to your visit, in order to schedule a personal tour with you.

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