Get featured in 'Bonzai Records - The Story'


Yes, you read it right: you can get featured in our documentary on Belgium’s most legendary label, which will be released October 2017. (Have a look at teaser 1 and teaser 2)


Tell us your story! 

Maybe you were that diehard Club Extreme visitor back in the days? Or perhaps you have the whole Bonzai discography in your living room, waiting to be seen? Or, maybe there’s a Bonzai track that you just can’t get out of your head for some reason? If you were born too late, maybe you should tell us why you wish you could’ve lived the high times of the Bonzai era? In short: what makes you the ultimate Bonzai Records fan? 

Together with the good people at Bonzai Records we will pick the best, funniest, most emotional stories you send us and swing by with our camera crew to get your story on tape so you get featured in our documentary.

Fill in your details below, including your story in whatever language your native tongue may be before August 15. 

If you made the selection, we'll notify you before August 30.

Bonne chance!

Tell us your story!