Gentlemen Of Verona - Dance Skills Are Easy (Bobby Ewing Remix)


During the recording of their new album, Gentlemen of Verona went looking for a producer who could push them in the right musical direction. The choice fell on Warren Ellis, violinist / guitarist and musical genius behind Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Grinderman and Dirty Three. "We had Warren sent an email. That same day, he answered our message with a text message from Australia. He was on tour with Nick Cave, but was interested in helping us with recording." Says singer Debby Termonia. "A month later he called us just. He was very friendly and was a half hour with us on the phone to find out what direction we wanted to go."

The first single from the new album is 'Dance Skills are Easy' (Nod Your Head). For that song an old manual for 'modern dance' was put to music. Jimmy Dewit aka DJ Bobby Ewing made this remix of the song.

The new Gentlemen of Verona album is called 'Soundtrack to a movie that never was' and appears on March 11 on Statique Magique.