GEAR TALK: Poldoore


Belgium’s most underrated provider of sun-drenched hip hop beats shows his impressive hardware collection.

From efficient minimalist studios to elaborate labs that could double as music history museums, in GEAR TALK, we visit some of Belgium's most exciting beatmakers in their natural habitat. How do these people make music? And which tools do they use to make their next anthem? In every video, we uncover the producer's go-to tools and most-priced piece of equipment. In this episode, we travel to Leuven, where we met up with producer Poldoore.

Even though Thomas Schillebeeckx doesn’t perform very often out here, his music is played worldwide – perhaps mostly in warmer locations, given the sunny vibes his music radiates. As he uses a lot of classic gear, his peculiar, sample-heavy beatmaking style resembles that of the early hip hop producers. So let’s see what this beatmaker uses to cook up his productions.

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