GEAR TALK: Kid Noize


In our new video series, we visit some of Belgium's most prolific music producers at their sacred place: the studio.

From efficient minimalist studios to elaborate labs that could double as music history museums; in GEAR TALK, we visit some of Belgium's most exciting beatmakers in their natural habitat. How do these people make music? And which tools do they use to make their next anthem? In every video, we uncover the producer's go-to tools and most-priced piece of equipment. Up first: Kid Noize.

You may know Kid Noize from his electro and house bangers or his sold-out shows across the continent, but most will probably know the man for the silicon ape mask (rumour has it he never takes it off). As a dedicated comic book enthusiast, the ape-man has set up a Walhalla for his collectables and music gear in his beautiful countryside farm just south of Charleroi. "It all started with a cracked floppy disc of Fruityloops 1", he explains. Get to know the story behind his Jupiter-6 keyboard or his colourful collection of Ibanez guitars and pedals!