Fuse’s XRDS – Crossroads Festival announces its second edition.


Blessed with blue skies and a beautiful location under an elevated highway in Anderlecht, Belgium’s leading nightclub Fuse set up the first edition of their XRDS (read as Crossroads) festival last July. After this critically acclaimed adventure, spiced up with a lineup of the highest order, the team is determined to do it all over again. Scroll down for a preview of what’s to come.

The second Edition of XRDS coming up! What were the things you learned after last year’s first edition?

"From an internal perspective: that it’s really motivating for the entire team to work on such a fun project. And from an external perspective: that the response - to what was a very underground line up - was surprisingly enthusiastic." 

What can we expect from this second festival? / Are there things that will be different from last year?

"The foundations will stay the same. The idea we had in mind when thinking up Crossroads, was to keep the production human-sized and accessible, with a strong focus on integration in the surrounding environment and bringing the music close to the people. We didn’t want huge stages, just cosiness and natural building material all around. We like to call it a festival on a human scale."

One of the headliners last year was the location. Could you describe the surroundings for the people who haven’t been there?

"A beautiful baby from an oddball couple. Back in the 70s, they stacked huge concrete foundations (the Brussels ring road) in the middle of the park. I’m pretty sure they had no idea of the beautiful harmony between the sheer human brutality and the peaceful nature that surrounds it. In the meantime, nature has started to claim back her place over the manmade structures, turning the venue into a perfect cocktail of green and grey. The cover provided by the bridges will help in case of rain and there are plenty of open spaces for enjoying the sun - it’s just the perfect location for a modern music festival."

The slogan says “XRDS 2018 - Guaranteed no fireworks” - is that a cheeky way of distancing yourselves from the over-the-top production at many other dance music festivals?

"It’s our way of saying we’re going to focus 100% on what is really essential. (laughs)"

Any names from the lineup you can drop here already?

"We have confirmed a certain Motor City legend (wink-wink)."

More info, tickets and updates at http://xrds.be. And don't forget to follow the Facebook page while you're at it!

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