Full Circle: Nico Morano goes deep at Club Vaag.


Over the last few years, the tech-house virus has spread everywhere – and that’s in no small part because of the scene’s biggest figures: Nico Morano. For the ones that don’t know, this guy has been turning clubs and festivals upside down, both inside and outside of Belgium. But whoever talks tech-house, has to mention Club Vaag, one of the nation’s best venues to savour those wonky 4x4 basslines. Full Circle, the new initiative uniting four of Antwerp’s best clubs on November 10, is proud to brings these two institutions together for an exclusive all-night affair. Before we get to pump those fists, we took a moment to ask Mr. Morano about his relation with Antwerp and long DJ-sets. Let’s see what he had to say.

Are you happy with the current state of nightlife in Antwerp?

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many new clubs and events pop up in Antwerp as these last five years. Some have been here for a long time, like Café d’Anvers, and others have quickly established themselves in the local nightlife scene, like Club Vaag, Ampere and Bar Helder. Nowadays every weekend offers plenty of options for a proper dance. So in my opinion the healthy state of the scene is coming and going, ever evolving – but at the moment it’s nothing short of booming. Maybe sometime soon, we can compete with cities like Amsterdam or Berlin."

What kind of music trip can we expect when you go all-night?

"Sorry for the cliché answer, but I will try to ‘create a story’. I will build things up with some progressive tracks, bringing people in the mood and gently taking them into the right mind-set. As soon as the party comes up to speed, I’ll go ‘pedal to the metal’ and play more banging, melodic techno – ending gently into more melodic deep house. So, a bit of everything, really. Although you have to keep in mind the keyword: melody. This has been my keyword for the last fifteen years."

How do you prepare yourself for these long hours behind the decks?

"To be honest, there’s not really that much preparation. I play about 100 to 120 gigs every year, twice every weekend usually and every set is between 2 to 5 hours. So it’s expected of me to know my tracks by heart. I know this is - yet again - a corny answer, but I read the crowd and the momentum, bringing something new to the dancefloor in order to make people want to return for more. First and foremost, a DJ should be a superb selector, so it’s our duty to be the expert. It’s our mission to surprise crowds with new music, which I love when that happens."

What’s the longest DJ set you’ve ever played?

"That has to be the 9-hour set in Kelly Palmer last year. What an epic night that was! Can’t wait to go all out for 10 hours this time! See you November 10 at Club Vaag!"

Be sure to cop those Full Circle tickets while they last. All information can be found here.