Fresh on the Scene

Bibi Seck


Some have already spent years in the shadows, waiting for the right moment - others have barely left their bedroom studios. Some aim for headlining festival stages, others aim for nothing in particular – but all of them have developed a sound with the potential to turn a lot of heads. With this feature we shine a light on some of the most interesting emerging new talents our tiny country has to offer.

Although Bibi Seck is only 19 years old, she already knows how to set the dancefloor on fire. This DJ, originating from Antwerp, is taking the Belgian rnb and hip hop scene by storm with an eclectic, yet infectious, mix going from oldschool rnb and hip hop classics to flaming newschool and trap bangers. Together with a delicious way of mixing and a high ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude, she quickly got the chance to play at highly acclaimed locations such as WECANDANCE and Klub Goud. Other than that she is also a welcome guest at the well-known Parisian collective, GIRLS DO IT BETTER. Those aren’t bad references if you ask us. It’s more than worthwhile to highlight Bibi Seck in this week’s Fresh on The Scene. 

Hey Binete, tell us a bit about your musical journey: how did you end up at Bibi Seck?

One day, when I was 16, I was chilling with a few friends. One of them was playing some tunes on a mini controller and I was quite intrigued by it. Afterwards he showed me the ropes, at first it was no more than a hobby but I discovered that I had feeling for it. I got to know other DJs who were teaching me new techniques and before I knew it, I had my first real booking at Shuttle in Leuven. The rest is history. About my artist name: My real name is Binete, but everyone calls me Bibi. My surname, Seck, is short and powerful so I never really had to brainstorm about an artist name.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I’ve always looked up to the artists that showed me the ropes. People like SYDNY and Bringhim. Over the years, I got to know a ton of new DJs, mainly in the Dutch scene. DJs like Jarreau Vandall, Vic Crezee and Mairo Nawaz all bring something unique and eclectic to the table, which I regard highly.

I'm also very fond of the old guard, like Goldie, Dj EZ and Roy Davis Jr. I hope to one day meet all three of them! Venus X is another great source of inspiration to me, someone who has balls and who’s appreciated for her authenticity.

Which elements does the perfect Bibi Seck set include?

To let everyone forget about their heartbreaks, I often start my sets with oldschool rnb songs. Ginuwine's So Anxious is my favourite opener at the moment. But to be honest, the crowd’s energy makes the perfect set. I like to spin one genre after another, and when I see people digging the vibe when I mix girly rnb into a jiggy UK garage beat, I feel proud. I try to make people understand the way I listen to music and I want to mix songs that you think don’t go together. Another goal is to create a dominant female vibe, because if the girls are into the vibe, everyone is involved.

What are the tracks that make you say: “This is 100% Bibi Seck”? Might be difficult to determine, as your sets are eclectic.

Pfff, that’s quite difficult to say. I have 3 or 4 favourite tracks every month. This month those are: ‘Home’ - Julie McKnight, ‘Outstanding’ - The Gap Band, ‘Blem’ – Drake and ‘She Can't Love You’ – Chemise. However, my all-time favourite happy song is ‘Let The Beat Hit Em’, by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. When I play this one everyone is bounces all over the place. 

Do you also have aspirations to become a producer?

Yes, for quite some time now. The older I get, the more I take everything seriously. I would like to make a name for myself in the scene and I want to share my creativity with people. Making my own tracks is an excellent way to achieve those goals, but sometimes it’s hard to have enough patience to complete a track. I’m definitely taking steps towards mastering the technical aspects and completing a track. I would really love to see people partying to my own music.

What other output can we expect from you in 2017?

If I follow up on my own intentions this year, maybe one or more own tracks. The rest is a secret!

You’re quite young, so you must have some plans in the long run. Can you share some of those?

Indeed! I'm only 19! I want to keep improving myself on a technical level, experimenting with vinyl fits into that goal, so every set I play is just right. In the long run, I especially hope that the world will know me so well that I can get to know the world through my sets and my own music.

You can keep up with Bibi Seck’s adventures on her Facebook page.

*Pictures by Laurent James en Timo Sassen.