Food For Ya Soul on their forthcoming compilation, filled with upcoming Belgian talent.


Nowadays Records, a Paris-based label that’s home to famous talent like La Fine Equipe, Fakear and Gangue, is embarking on a trip into the electronic underground from all corners of the globe. Friday, September 14, will see the release of the first edition of its ‘Around The World’ series. Each of these carefully selected compilations will focus on a particular country’s scene of up-and-coming beatmakers, producers and vocalists. First up: Belgium! The two Brusseleirs of Food For Ya Soul, a DJ and promotor-duo with a radio residency on Rinse France, have been charged with the task of selecting the twelve Belgian tracks that will be featured on the compilation. Amongst the lucky dozen: Vicking Groovy, Haring, Ozferti and Shungu - just to name a few. In anticipation of the drop, we’ve asked the Food For Ya Soul boys a few little questions. Let’s see what we can expect…

Can you describe who you selected for the occasion and what the idea behind this release is?

"More and more, people from everywhere around the world are looking to Belgium to discover new music. Clearly, we have some talent here, so we wanted to shine a light on the artists who we believe have a lot of potential. We chose 12 artists from various backgrounds - and after many extended listening sessions we agreed on a selection of a dozen tracks. As expected, the tracklist is very eclectic: Gan Gah, Monkeyrobot, Mowley, PGBaur, Moka Boka and a lot more."

How did this compilation come to be? Did Nowadays contact you with the idea or the other way around?

"We had already planned to collaborate on a new project for a very long time – and in the end things went relatively smooth. They told us they wanted to do a new compilation series in which each release is showcasing another country’s upcoming music scene, curated by a local artist, DJ or crew. The day after they asked us we started looking for new talent and listening to tons of demo’s and Bandcamp or Soundcloud tracks. In the process, we discovered a lot of great producers! We could have easily made a 24-tracks compilation, but we had to keep it at 12, so we hope we have done a good job!"

Many of the featured producers are still relatively undiscovered, would you say many have a potential to break through the mainstream?

"Honestly, if we chose them it means they have something special. All of them have the possibility to blow up within their particular genres. Some have already been getting good exposure, like Mowley, who has made some productions for JeanJass & Caballero. PGBaur already has some releases on the Finnish dance music label Top Billin'. And Moka Boka has some eyes on him since he got signed by the Damso-associated rapper and producer Krisy aka De La Fuentes."

Which are some of your favourite tracks from the compilation? 

"All the tracks are great and very different, so it's really hard to pull just one out! That said, we really like that Vicking Groovy track. Every time this guy does something (either UKG, House, NuFunk or whatever) it's just straight fire! When we were compiling this release, I think he sent us 3 different equally dope tracks, so picking one was a nightmare! So yes, definitely keep the Vicking in mind!"

“Around The World: Belgium” is out on Friday, September 14, on Nowadays Records.