Fire Is Gold: Belgium’s first urban music festival


If there’s one thing last year’s Red Bull Elektropedia awards taught us, it’s that hip hop is hot. While a new generation of national urban acts arises, it’s safe to say there are some exciting things about to happen. As Belgium has a rich culture of music festivals, it might come as a surprise that there isn’t a festival strictly committed to urban music. Fire Is Gold (May 14 in Vilvoorde) makes exactly that promise: to offer an all-round experience that focuses on not only music, but also on the lifestyle that comes with it. 

“Fire Is Gold wants to distinguish itself as one of the first hip hop / urban festivals in Belgium, focusing on the new generation”, says Julie Vermeire (Marketing & Communications FIG). Quite some renowned organizations are involved in the development of the new project: “The core of the concept was conceived by the Bloody Louis community, which is run by Jon Tyler. Both Bloody Louis and Trillers are hosting a music stage. Dirk De Ruyck (Listen! Festival) is head booker and the WeCanDance core team (Bart Roman en Wim Van der Borght) are responsible for communications and production. By joining all our forces we are aiming to organize this great festival.”

The festival won't only focus on music, but fashion also plays an important role: “If we have a look at the urban music and fashion scene we noticed that they have become inseparable. We are working on a collaboration with a Belgian brand and our own merchandise is in full production. We feel fashion is an expression of personality and creativity, and that is something we want to support as a festival. “

Fire Is Gold will also bring a third component we haven’t encountered yet in a festival format: sports! “We’re putting the focus on three sports: basketball, mini-football and skateboarding - each having its community partner. It just made sense to integrate these in the entertainment. By the way, here’s a fun scoop: Football Freestyle World Champion Sean Garnier will be present in the Fit Five’s line up, our partner for the mini-football section." 

It goes without saying that you can’t have a urban music festival without a decent music line up. “Our first batch of names were already released and featured Wiley, Damso, Brodinski, Hamza and Sevn Alias. We’re very proud to complement these with a nice mix of local and international artists like Allan Kingdom, Eagl, Faisal, Lady S, Zoey Hasselbank, Jarreau Vandal, Jok’Air, Mula B, Ritchie Santos, Roméo Elvis, SupAfly Collective, TLP, Woodie Smalls and Dragon Eliott.”

Info and tickets can be found here.

Fire Is Gold