Fire Is Gold: Belgium's first urban festival is about to kick off

Pictures by Sissi Lauwers


The bill is complete and posters are omnipresent: Fire Is Gold is more than ready for it’s first edition! Many are curious to see the likes of Wiley, Brodinski, Damso and many more perform. Not only did the new festival assemble an all star lineup, sports and fashion are just as equal a part of the festival as music. International football and basketball heroes will show off their skills, and exclusive collections have been put together with fashion designers. These elements brought together make the buzz around this event even more vibrant. 

Jon Tyler from Bloody Louis came to us with the idea to launch a hip hop festival in Brussels, because we at Wecandance have the knowhow to organize such a project. So we began brainstorming about the location, concept, name... But eventually, the core comes from Bloody Louis”, tells Bart Roman from Wecandance. "At the moment we have an extremely talented class of Belgian hip hop artists that we want to push. The idea is to create something sustainable, to keep working with Belgian artists. We had the opportunity to book some big names so we went for that. In the future we want to grow towards a festival with even bigger names, but the main idea is to keep pushing our local heroes.“ 

Bloody Louis teaming up with Trillers, Wecandance and Listen! sounds nothing less than a dreamteam

"The club is on a roll now, but I felt like there was something missing for our artists. They didn’t really fit in one particular festival, as there is no big urban festival in Belgium. Yet,” says Bloody Louis' art director Jon Tyler. Bloody Louis teaming up with Trillers, Wecandance and also Listen! sounds nothing less than a dreamteam. Wecandance takes communication and production into care, Listen! Festival does the bookings, Jon Tyler from Bloody Louis is the art director and Jef Willem is stage partner with his Trillers concept. "The idea behind the Trillers stage is to attract a different kind of crowd, other than big urban artists like Damso and Hamza do. We also want the early adopters that come for artists like Allan Kingdom and Jarreau Vandal.” says Jef. 

The shindig will take place in Vilvoorde, more specifically at De Drie Fonteinen. When the newborn organization couldn’t find a suitable location in Brussels, the city of Vilvoorde were quick to welcome them. And maybe for the better, the festival site looks absolutely spectacular. “You’ll enter the festival through the trees, and the first thing you’ll see is the Trillers stage surrounded by an old building. In that building we have our basketball court. Next to the Trillers stage you have an open space where we made a skate ramp. Go even further and on the left side we have all the festival stands and football activities, when everything on the right will be main stage” Jef informs us.  

The Trillers’ stage will close an hour before the main, so that the whole ground can focus on Damso’s first show after he completed his studio album Ipséité.

Jon: "I worked on the Bloody Louis stage lineup with my friend Ritchie Santos, of course Damso was our first idea when looking for a headliner. It’s probably the best french rap album i’ve heard in years, so we’re lucky that it all worked out. When we play those tracks in Bloody Louis the crowd goes crazy, so I can’t wait to see it live at Fire is Gold!"

Concerning sports, the festival has invited some of the world’s best. Jordan Kilgannon is coming to the festival for a dunk demo. The festival teams up with the store Bouncewear to organize a 3 vs 3 tournament, dunk contest and more!  

For skateboarding they teamed up with Red Bull, which invites familiar faces such as Simon Deprez, Jonathan Vlerick and more. They will be showing off their skills at the beginning of the festival on the ramp right in the center of the premises.   

Last but not least: football! Sean Garnier will do a freestyle showcase in an arena, set up with Fitfive. 

"During the afternoon you will see some 5 vs 5 games and people will be able to be part of a crossbar challenge and some other fun games. The Bx Brussels team will also be there." Jon Tyler adds. 

Will Fire Is Gold be the first to embrace all elements of hip hop culture? Find out! This Sunday at the Drie Fonteinen in Vilvoorde.

Full lineup: Damso, Roméo Elvis & Le Motel, Woodie Smalls, Brodinski, Allan Kingdom, Sevn Alias, Mula B ,Hamza, Wiley, Jarreau Vandal, Krisy, Jok'Air, Faisal, Eagl, Jewels, Dragon Eliott, Ritchie Santos, DJ Lady S, Mr Jay & I.z. MC, TLP aka Troubleman, Zoey Hasselbank, Simon LeSaint, SupAfly Collective & Myth Syzer.

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