FFORMATT: another new venue in the center of Brussels


Another day, another brand new venue in the capital. After the launch of La Cabane, Plein Publiek BXL and NOT IN CLUB, we shine our light on the latest addition of exciting clubbing in our capital. We asked Wilfried Redant, also known as the driving force behind the Los Niños parties, to disclose what FFORMATT is all about.

1000m² in 1000 Brussels is all we know for now, can you pull the blinds a little?

FFORMATT is a new meeting platform for culture and music. It’s literally an underground parking lot underneath the former Actiris building in the Anspachlaan, just in front of the Beurs. The project starts next week and will last two years.

Who’s behind FFORMATT?

Manu del Aguila and me. Manu is known as AAguilAA, a Brussels based DJ playing metallic EBM funk, house, breaks and raw techno. He plays in bars and basements, from private parties to events in metro stations and is the head of programming. I have already been organizing Los Niños for 15 years now.

You call it a temporary platform, so it’s not a club?

It’s a platform for others, not a club and definitely not a 'Los Niños club'. Our program will challenge cultural and social boundaries, while opting for quality over quantity. Expect concerts, parties, exhibitions, rehearsal rooms, lectures or just casual encounters. At first we’ll organise some test runs with Los Niños and Vicuna, while we're gonna be open to collaborate with others afterwards. With FFORMATT, we hope to kickstart new initiatives and reach a broad audience.

Can you already tease us some artists that will pay a visit?

For April, May and June we'll host DJ AtHome and AAguilAA, but also Physical Therapy (from GHE20G0TH1K and Allergy Season), The Stress (from Les Animaux) and a Lisbon collective to try out the first few nights.

We know you prefer to label your parties “open-minded”, does that count for FFORMATT as well?

Yes, but open-minded in a different way this time. We’re both Brusseleirs and world citizens, we want to bring people from all social classes and minorities together in order to foster tolerance. Locals, city dwellers, tourists, refugees, you name it. They will all get a chance to meet and start a dialogue.