Lola Haro selects her top 20 Belgian house tracks

Pictures by Annika Wallis


After six very quiet months, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. And while the event industry is gradually picking up some speed again, let's get back in the mood with some of Belgium’s best selectors picking their favourite tracks!

After being selected as one of the Most Promising Artists at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2019, Lola Haro's career has taken off in an impressive fashion, being invited on some of the most impressive events in the country. To help us get in the mood for a good time, she has highlighted 20 of her personal favourite Belgian house tracks. Note: the 20 tracks are ranked randomly.

1. Helium - Out There

"An amazing record! This one is released on a sublabel from Antler, 'Subway', a label on which 2 Fabiola and Milk Inc. have released too".

2. CJ Bolland - Camargue

"I remember the first time I went to a party at Petrol (a former nightclub in Antwerp, ed.) when I 16 years old. The DJ played this track, and I was just blown away. I was completely overwhelmed by the quality of the production".

3. FCL - Let's Go

"Nothing beats the golden combination of Red D and San Soda behind the buttons. A house banger, plain and simple".

4. Lawrence Le Doux - Naya Le Loup

"Lawrence is such a great producer. This is one of his most beautiful, dreamiest records yet".

5. Mappa Mundi - Sexafari

"This is the track I opened my Boiler Room set with. I love the mysterious vibes going on here".

6. Cabasa - Valleyfield

"Cabasa is a producer from Brussels with so much cool music. He's definitely a guy that brings a breeze of fresh air into our house scene".

7. Fred Nasen - Static

"Frederic Naessens is one of the founders of WAV Radio in Antwerp. Over the years, he has made some great tracks. I remember that Raresh played this one on Sunwaves in 2013".

8. Dilemma - Sound Mercenary

"This is such a 90s banger! Stroom, Nosedrip's record label, has re-issued this one recently".

9. Frank De Wulf - Latino

"I don't really have too much to say about this, other than that it's a dreamhouse classic of the highest order".

10. Cleveland - Gamma

"This is a deep electro track by Cleveland, released earlier this year on Kalahari Oyster Cult, Rey Colino's imprint. Hands down one of my favourite Belgian record labels"!

11. Supreems - Us Together

"Supreems is a producer from Antwerp we can be proud of. He gets support from a lot of big names in the international scene, like Bicep, Four Tet and Ross From Friends. This is my favourite one of his".

12. Kiani & His Legion - Motion Academy

"You might also know this guy as Far Out Radio Systems. This Genk-based artist really put a hypnotizing vibe in this one, making you feel like you're floating on clouds".

13. Mayaku - This Is Mayaku's Theme

"Great house music from Antwerp! Mayaku is a Belgian collective of three producers, one of whom is Koenie, the legendary owner of Wally's Groove World record store".

14. Spirit Catcher - Superimposed (Borrowed Identity Remix)

"Spirit Catcher is a Belgian duo. The original is great, but I can't help to select the Borrowed Identity remix, which gave it just that extra swing".

15. Fabrice Lig - Back To DCB

"Straight fire from Charleroi"!

16. Fabrice Lig - Pivert The Playmobil

"I had to pick another one of him. His latest release is proper acid house masterpiece".

17. Quin - Narcism Killed The Chameleon

"This one is made by Jan Berquin, the founder of the Humanity Music record label. This one has deep breakbeats with some clear trance influences".

18. At The Villa People - Open Your Eyes

"Some of you might think this is a weird one, but this track could not be omitted from this list. When I used to work at Kelly Palmer (another former nightclub in Antwerp, ed.) resident John Noseda often played it. Every time it came on, I stopped working for a moment. How could you not feel the urge to dance to this one?"

19. Walrus - Full Of Feeling

"This floating minimalist track was the first release on the Basic Moves record label, which was co-founded by Walrus himself. Basically every release on this imprint is amazing, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already".

20. Lhasa - The Attic

"I always played this one on my first couple of gigs. The concepts of warm-up or peak time didn't really matter much to me yet back then. No matter the vibe, I'd play this one every single time. Recently, Stroom re-released this classic".