Echoing Through Eternity: Fuse reopens doors as a temporary museum


The Brussels techno institution reopens sooner than you think, albeit in a different form.

Between April 9 and 18, Fuse (who have won the Best Club award on the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards six times in the past ten years) will be transformed into a temporary museum about its rich history and important role in developing the Belgian nightlife scene. An archive containing 27 years worth of exclusive collectables, videos, flyers, and posters will be displayed in the rooms usually reserved for loud music and sweaty raving. You'll also be able to learn a thing or two about the history of the building (it used to be a movie theatre and a Spanish discotheque before it was baptized as Fuse).

Working on this exhibition has been emotional for us; I hope we can convey that feeling to our visitors.

‘Echoing Through Eternity’ will tell the story of Belgium's oldest techno club from many different perspectives. Visitors can expect a timeline wall, special archive videos, a wall of fame, exclusive access to the iconic DJ booth and backstage, art installations and especially recorded video interviews with founders Peter Decuypere and Thierry Coppens. The cherry on the cake? A ‘3-minute club experience’  with loud music and strobing lights (do you remember those)?

“Working on this exhibition has been quite emotional for us, and I hope we can convey that feeling to our visitors, both the young and the old, and both the regulars and the first-timers", says manager Andy Walravens. "I am thrilled to see some life in the club again because we really miss everyone. This has been a completely different type of challenge for our team, and going back through our archives has been a great way to realize how far we've come. I’m so proud of our heritage! This adventure makes us even more impatient to reopen the club for real”.

If we can’t come together to dance, at least it feels good to cherish the memories we’ve made in this building, techno fans and local Brusseleirs alike. 

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