DVTCH NORRIS wants to make it!

Pictures by Jeroen De Wilde


Some artists have been around for a while, always supporting people around them, never really taking the spotlights for just themselves. In Antwerp, that is exactly what rapper DVTCH NORRIS (he insists on the spelling and the caps) has been doing for years; most notably for his close friend Coely, sharing stage and studio time with her throughout the previous steps in her rocketing career. But now, it’s his time. On Thursday, May 31, his debut solo EP finally hits the digital shelves. If the ‘Magic Carpet’ single is anything to go by, it promises to be a project that speaks to different audiences across the board. The release of the aptly titled ‘I’m sad, I wanna make it’ EP will be celebrated with a party of the highest order at Het Bos on the same day – and he invited a bunch of friends, like Faisal and Rare Akuma amongst many others. It’s clear Fahad Seriki (but actually no one ever calls him that, just call him ‘Dutch’) doesn’t have much patience anymore. As we sat him down for an interview, one thing became clear: DVTCH NORRIS is absolutely hyped to show the world he wants to make it. And this EP is definitely a step in the right direction.

What’s the idea behind the ‘I'm Sad, I Wanna Make It’ EP?

"It’s difficult and easy to explain at the same time. In essence, it’s me being determined to get where I want to be. I quit school when I was 18 years old, so for me it was either music, or being nobody at all. It’s about the struggle, yet there is a fun twist to it: I joke around about not being there yet, about being slept on."

Judging from your Instagram stories; do you have ambition to become an actor or a TV celebrity?

"Oh, that’s a good question. I’m too lazy to work with scripts, but I feel like I could pull it off if I put my mind into it. First I have to get my career going, though! Afterwards I might consider taking acting classes. A friend of mine already proposed to join an acting class already, so who knows, maybe."

Do you think you would be a good actor?

"I don’t know. I like acting on Instagram, but that’s just real life stuff. If I could be myself in a movie I would do it, yeah. I think I would nail it, or so I hope (laughs)."

Autocomplete this. When I’m not working on music, I’m probably…

"… on Instagram making stupid video’s (laughs)."

What does the local rap scene in Antwerp look like?

"I feel like we are all starting to understand that it has to be our turn. Brussels has been popping and we feel like the little brother when it comes to pop culture and hip hop in general. There are a lot of artists here that are hungry and determined to be ‘the next one’. That being said, I feel like we are still not quite united in the same way as the Brussels scene is. Being able to just come together and kick it; not necessarily making music together, but just spending time together and acknowledging each other as artists. I feel like we need to do that more often in order to make it clear that we have a scene over here. It’s happening, yes, slowly and surely."

Best Belgian artist(s) to emerge in the past year?

"I would say Glints, but he has been grinding for a while already (Shout out Glints). I will pick Bhavi though; he’s half Argentinian and half Belgian, left this country when he was 8 years old and came back last year. Ever since he’s back he has been grinding hard every day. He’s currently blowing up in Argentina, racking up millions of views on his video’s. He can do whatever he wants and he would nail anything. But there are a lot more people that are doing good things right now. Belgium is booming at the moment."

What does an instrumental need to be the perfect beat to rap to?

"That’s a very good question, but a hard one to answer, because it’s all about the feeling you have at a given moment. If a beat makes you want to write, then that’s the right beat. Currently, most tracks for me need a good 808. Usually the type beats you find on YouTube really suck; I really need a proper 808 to get me going. Additionally, the samples need to be creative, while I shouldn’t be clear where they came from. I’m not trying to get sued here!"

Sell out a headline show at De Roma or AB?

"That’s a very tough one. The Roma really is ‘Antwerp’, so as a local artist this is the venue you want to be selling out. But then the prestigious AB is the next level, on a much wider scale – so I've got to say the latter. No disrespect towards De Roma though! If they want to book me, please do! (laughs)"

What’s on schedule for this summer?

"After my EP release show at Het Bos, I’m looking forward to Fire Is Gold festival; after which there are a few shows with Coely I’m really looking forward to! A whole lot more is being planned right now, but I can’t tell you much more about that unfortunately."

DVTCH NORRIS – I’m Sad I Wanna Make It EP is out on Thursday, May 31. The release party will take on the same day, starting at 7:30PM at Antwerp’s Het Bos, with performances from the man himself, Amo Achille, Faisal, Rare Akuma, Catwar & Lilihell, Yunobi and Ephonk. Visit the Facebook event page for more information. Add DVTCH on Instagram for his entertaining stories, or follow him on Facebook for every update on the man's rising career.