DJ Vega takes over our NO CAP playlist


Out of all the hip hop DJs in Belgium, STIKSTOF's DJ Vega must be one of the realest out there.

If there’s one sound that rules the nation nowadays, it’s hip hop. New talent sprouts from all corners of the country before you can blink. In this playlist, we highlight some of the most enchanting head-bops from this generation. Rap, trap, drill, R&B: anything goes in NO CAP, as long as it’s homegrown and certified fresh. After Ritchie Santos and Fire Is Gold Festival, it's DJ Vega's turn to provide the vibe. As the DJ behind the rap supergroup STIKSTOF (of which Zwangere Guy is the best-known member), he knows exactly what's being played on the streets of the capital. The fire selection includes cuts from Freddie Konings, Frenetik, Yanso, Kobo and so many others.