Discover Ghent's techno history with a dedicated podcast walk

Pictures by Margot Van de Velde


‘9000 BPM: A Journey through Techno’ combines walking routes, podcasts, DJ-mixes and livestreams to shine a light on Ghent’s rich techno history. You can listen to the first podcast already.

Throughout March, you can follow the Ghent-based music platform and event promoter Proeftuin's free walking routes in the city centre. As you follow the map, you will be able to stop at five different places that reveal a part of the city's nightlife history. Each QR code will give you access to another podcast and DJ mix that's relevant to the location in front of you. In this way, the fantastic stories of Kozzmozz, I Love Techno, 10 Days Off, R&S Records and Decadance will be told in ways you’ve never heard before.

With 9000 BPM, we’re combining all our favourite things into one project.

In every podcast, listeners will hear the story behind these local techno institutions as told by a narrator and the founders. Additionally, selected DJs provided exclusive mixtapes that capture the organisation's sound and the spirit of its time.

“It is not our intention or ambition to tell the definitive history of Ghent’s nightlife”, explains Proeftuin co-founder Seppe Maesen. “Rather, we want to shine a light on a handful of important events, record labels and nightclubs that shaped the sound of techno in our city. We always aim to organise events that combine different art forms. With 9000 BPM, me and my colleague Alix Goris  are combining all our favourite things into one project”.

Although the project is ambitious in scope, Maesen’s expectations are grounded in reality. “We want to take our listeners on a journey through our shared history and give them a fun reason to go on a walk outside during harsh times. Everyone should realize that our city has set an example for the rest of the world. On the other hand, we also want to give the ravers from those early days a bit of sweet nostalgia”.

The podcasts will be narrated by Mieke Meskens. Some of the people interviewed for this project are:

  • Kozzmozz: Mathias Kerckhof, Yves Debouvry (Spacid), and Sarah Haelterman.
  • I Love Techno: Peter Decuypere, Herman Schueremans, Roel Vergauwen, and Kris Verleyen
  • Decadance: Bart De Kegel and Seba Lecompte
  • 10 Days Off: Eric Smout and Philip De Liser
  • R&S Records: Katrien Klausing, Trish Van Eynde and CJ Bolland
  • With guest appearances by Jens Grieten (Kompass), Lies Vanborm (Voo?uit) and Stefaan Vandenberghe (T-Quest, Dr. Lektroluv)

The DJ mixes will be taken care of by: Promès (10 Days Off), Victor (R&S Records), Daesical (Kozzmozz), Jane Muss (I Love Techno) and Lebawski (Decadance).

The five podcasts will only be available on Spotify between March 1 and 31. The DJ mixes will be uploaded on Proeftuin and Radio Ruit’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud accounts. An introductory podcast episode is available to listen already.

On Saturday March 27, between 10 PM and 1 AM, Proeftuin will host a livestream, in collaboration with Radio Ruit and Voo?uit. “The location for the stream, Voo?uit’s main hall, is very symbolic”, says Maesen “I Love Techno, Kozzmozz and 10 Days Off took off in this venue. The DJs still need to be confirmed, but these sets will perfectly encapsulate the rich history of techno in our city”, he concludes. During the stream, parts of the exposition ‘Universal Tongue’ by Anouk Kruithof will be included.

Proeftuin also created the 9000 BPM Spotify playlist, compiled with music used in the podcasts and suggested music from the interviewees. Listen to it right here: