Deep Cuts

Peet - 2 Sens


In this video series, we look for the exciting stories behind big anthems or eccentric compositions. Where did the idea come from? What makes the track so special for the artist? And how did all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place? We let the creator do the talking and discover peculiar details you might not expect.

If you have been following the Belgian hip hop scene lately, you might be familiar with the now discontinued rap trio Le 77. Former member Pierre Mignon aka Peet dropped his debut album, Mignon, last month, marking a fascinating new chapter in the career of an artist who more up his sleeve than most might assume. In 2 Sens, the man lays bare his emotional side on a sublime self-made production. We visited Peet at home in Uccle for the story behind the track.

“2 Sens is the last track of the album I wrote. It’s about being the feeling you get when someone close to you betrays your trust. Everybody can relate to that feeling, whether it happens in a romantic relationship, between siblings or amongst friends. You can compare these emotions with having the floor under you disappear. I experienced a situation like this a long time ago, but it had a profound impact on me".

Using your personal experiences and uncomfortable emotions effectively in the studio is hard, but rewarding.

Moments like these often lead to great inspiration for artists. Is that what happened here?

“It does! But at the same time, it's a matter of balance. You can't give away too many specific details either, because then people won't relate to your story anymore. Or you risk oversharing too much personal information. I always need a lot of time to process my emotions before I can use them in my music. It's a lot easier to sing about facts or stories around you. However, using your personal experiences and uncomfortable emotions effectively in the studio is so hard, but rewarding".

What’s the place of this track amongst the other tracks on the album?

“There are three different parts to the album. First, there are the hyped-up party songs like ‘Keke’, ‘Flemmard De Qualité’ or ‘Délire’. Then there’s stuff like ‘Cashflouze’ or ‘AMC’, which is just plain fun. And then you have the more introspective tracks like ‘Rêves’, ‘Remords', '17' or this one, '2 Sens'. That deeper, more emotional and reflective approach takes the largest share on the album. That's quite new to me, and it's definitely something I would like to do more of in the future”.

How did L’Or du Commun’s Swing end up featuring on the track?

"I wanted one more artist on my album, and he seemed like the most logical choice. After all, I've known him for such a long time; he's part of the family! As soon as I've sent him the first draft, he was excited to join. He came down to the studio and recorded his amazing verse really fast. Working with him simply feels like a natural process".